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ABOVE – Leon Murray
BELOW –  Milto Troka
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Police say two men have been jailed in Bristol for money-laundering offences.

The arrests follow a national operation investigating drugs supply to the South West from London.

Leon Murray, aged 31 from Bristol and Milto Troka, aged 37 from London were jailed for a total of 66 months at Bristol Crown Court.

Officers arrested the men at Emerson Green Retail Park in May.

They also seized £30,000 from Murray’s vehicle, believed to have been payment for controlled drugs from Murray to Troka, which was being collected on behalf of a London-based organised crime group.

The men were charged the following day with money-laundering offences.

Police say officers then seized a large amount of designer goods and a BMW car from Murray, with evidence linking Murray to a Bristol based organised crime group.

Forensic examination of the cash seized showed it had been in contact with diamorphine and cannabis drugs.

Examination of Troka’s Citroen Picasso revealed sophisticated concealment which was capable of storing multiple kilos of drugs.

Murray and Troka admitted the money-laundering charges and today were both handed jail sentences.

Troka was jailed for 40 months, while Murray received a 20-month jail sentence and was given a further six month jail sentence for possession of an article with a blade or point.