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REALITY IS A MATTER OF PERCEPTION: POLITICAL THRILLER – In allegedly targeting Ukrainian reformers, PSY-GROUP SERVED RUSSIAN INTERESTS, raises a troubling question. For whom was this Israeli intel firm working?

FLYING BLIND (2012, Full Movie): Political Thriller

CHARLIE MUFFIN (aka: A Deadly Game) (1979, Full Movie): Political Thriller

ONTARIO (Canada): COUPLE (Karen Cady + Mike Cady) ACCUSED OF MORE THAN $1M EMBEZZLEMENT, CHARGES INCLUDE fraud + money laundering

ESTONIA: RUSSIAN OCG LEADER (Vjatšeslav Gulevitš, aka: Slava Kemerovski) SENTENCED TO PRISON for founding + heading up an organized crime group, RIGHT HAND MAN (Aleksandr Kozlov) SENTENCED TO PRISON for gang leadership

ITALY CORONA VIRUS PRISON RELEASE: Pasquale Zagaria, Casalesi clan in Camorra Mafia

TOMMY WILLIAMS – former handyman, serial conman, clinically certified psychotic – senior MEMBER OF THE SOVEREIGN CITIZEN, RACIST, ANTI-SEMITE OCG BEHIND MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST (cyber bank robbers) – just told his few remaining cult member he can “remote view”

IN SEARCH OF MYANMAR’S BILLION DOLLAR METH LAB (The Kings Romans resort). Deep in the Southeast Asian jungle, drug cartels run an operation so huge it makes El Chapo look like a street corner pill pusher. But journey into this netherworld + you find something else too, a lawless narco Vegas where the worst human excesses are making some people very, very rich.

REPORTED: CJNG HAS HIRED DEADLY HIT SQUAD LOS 28 (Felipe Eduardo Guajardo Garcia, Jorge Alberto Guajardo Garcia, + Carlos Guajardo Garcia) to hunt down + kill El Chapo’s sons’

CORONA VIRUS: THE SILENT SPREADERS (asymptomatic) – not knowing who’s carrying the virus without symptoms is the “Achilles Heel” of the current fight against the pandemic