Víctor Manuel Armante



Sonora .- It was yesterday when the news of the murder of the secretary of the City Council of Bácum, Sonora, Víctor Manuel Armante. Those responsible for his death would be two men dressed as nurses, who shot at the official when he left his house aboard his vehicle through the streets of Antwerp and Madrid, in the Bella Vista neighborhood, in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

After his murder a video circulated on social media that was captured by the security cameras of the site of the killing, where they show the alleged hitmen dressed as nurses waiting for the victim who then shot him.

The event was recorded at 07:00 hours yesterday. The official went out with his son after they boarded the car, the killers men shot them and then fled in two cars, which were parked in the street waiting to escape.

Victor Manuel Armante died in his car, while his son was injured in the face.