Part of Russian-Swiss millionaire’s assets frozen by Federal Tax ServiceDmitry Yakubovsky (aka: General Dima)


The court has banned lawyer and businessman Dmitry Yakubovsky, widely known as General Dima, from disposing of part of his assets. He is suspected of trying to avoid the seizure of his property due to debts.⁠

The Arbitrazh Court of Moscow has frozen part of the assets of lawyer and businessman Dmitry Yakubovsky at the request of the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, Kommersant reports.

According to the court decision, in 2016, Yakubovsky filed a tax return for 2015 in the Federal Tax Service, according to which the amount of self-assessed tax amounted to more than 1.9 billion rubles ($32.5 million). He asked for a tax deferment before the sale of his stake in Thermission. In August, Yakubovsky alienated 100% of the company, remaining its actual owner. However, he failed to pay the taxes.

In the spring of 2017, the Odintsovo City Court ruled to recover 1.9 billion rubles of unpaid tax and 199 million rubles ($3.4 million) of interest from the lawyer. After that, Yakubovsky transferred the rights to two patents in the field of metalworking to his ex-wife.

According to the tax service, Yakubovsky thus decided to hide the property belonging to him from being seized as a debt. He was accused of abuse of rights. The court agreed with the arguments of the Federal Tax Service. As a result, Yakubovsky was deprived of the right to dispose of stakes of the companies that own Thermission, namely to make any transactions with them or change the amount of their authorized capital. In addition, the court banned the company from reducing the authorized capital to less than 2.2 billion rubles, and the Federal Tax Service forbade to make changes in the composition of the company participants and its authorized capital in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

Dmitry Yakubovsky aka General Dima is a Russian lawyer and businessman, whose name has been repeatedly associated with the Solntsevskaya OCG. Currently, Yakubovsky owns the Swiss holding Engelberg Industrial Group AG. He is a multimillionaire; in 2014, Bilanz business magazine estimated his fortune at 800 million Swiss francs, while RBC estimates his assets at about $1 billion. Yakubovsky got his nickname in 1990, when he nearly became a general at the age 28. Back then, the little-known ex-employee of the Prosecutor’s Office of the USSR, the USSR State Logistics Committee, and the Moscow Bar Association was suddenly appointed head of the working group of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR in the Western Group of Forces (Germany) and immediately obtained the rank of a colonel. In 1994, Yakubovsky was arrested on charges of stealing books from the Russian National Library of St. Petersburg and was released in 1998. He became known as a lawyer when representing the interests of Solntsevskaya OCG, one of its leaders Arnold Spivakovsky (Tamm) and the wife of Anatoly Sobchak, Lyudmila Narusova. Then he took up business, including in partnership with Vladimir Evtushenkov and AFK Sistema, as well as VTB Bank. He currently resides in Switzerland.