FEBRUARY 27, 2018: SHAREHOLDER SAYS, “I know a whole lot more about you and your shady dealings than you think Dykes, and I’m going to expose you for the fraud you are”. WHEN WILL CANADA BCSC OR THE USA SEC PROSECUTE SHAUN DYKES, TREVOR BURNS, JAVIER FERNANDEZ, HENRY WILSON XXX, ANDREW MORTLOCK + OTHERS for fraud, money laundering, stock price manipulation at penny stock named American Cumo Mining Corporation?







There’s been no mention of contacts with the exchange because I contacted them to file a complaint (through their website), and when they got back to me (the people I mentioned in yesterday’s post) I’ve held back on reaching out to them, and thought I’d give you one last chance to do the right and honorable thing and update shareholders as to what the hellll is going on with Millenia, assays and debentures. Judging by your response to categorically refuse to update shareholders this afternoon (seriously does anyone actually believe Spence is anyone else but Dykes and Co.?) I’m going to assume that I won’t be waking up to a news release tomorrow morning, and you’ve therefore given me no choice but to follow through with the BCSC and TSX.You’ve backed shareholders into a corner and refused to give us an explanation of what’s actually going on, so now you’ll suffer the consequences. You probably shouldn’t have used your actual email address and phone when illegally informing your favourite shareholders of what’s going on while keeping the rest of us in the dark. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the authorities found out you’re so hesitant to tell shareholders what you’ve done with the money you raised (while dilluting all shareholders in the process) because you’ve been lining your pockets instead of paying IEMR for the debentures and Vancouver Petrographic to get the assay results, but we’ll find out soon enough. Either way, you can either A) tell us what’s actually going on, B) quit now and get lost, or C) do nothing, which is your preferred way of dealing with everything, in which case you’ll be getting contacted very soon by a multitude of regulatory bodies, as well as lawyers. Either way, I’m pretty sure wasting your time arguing on a message board under the name spence or any other bs account isn’t the best way for you to be spending your time at the moment. I know a whole lot more about you and your shady dealings than you think Dykes, and I’m going to expose you for the fraud you are. 

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:bashers beware

Dear “Spence” whom I personally believe 100% to be Shaun Dykes, CEO of MLY, here is my lawyer that you can send any claim of defmation to:
Myers & Myers, PLLC  (C/O Robert F. Marvin)
915 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 200
Howell, Michigan 48843
(517) 540 – 1700As you are clearly an “advanced businessman” I’m sure you know that claims of defamation necessarily need to be based on underlying verifiable events or facts.  As such, statements of subjective opinion are not actionable.  If you need court case references of such, I can happily provide for your education.


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The fact that you (Dykes) would “fail to see the problem” at this point is probably the least surprising post I’ve seen on this message board.For everyone else who actually is a knowledgeable investor, we’ve been more than patient in regards to the IEMR debentures, and no one actually knows what’s going on. You’re not going to convince me or anyone else that it’s normal to have debentures hanging over our heads which are collateralized by all our assets and it’s ok to have it drag on for weeks without any sort of explanation or details. It’s unnacceptable legally and morally. You said it yourself you don’t know when the deadline is for debentures. You, who defends literally everything this management team does (because you most likely are management), can’t tell us when our debentures are do. This being an absolutely critical piece of information. That says it all. You “think” it’s within the next week. Debt (and the world) doesn’t work on maybes, perhaps, possiblies, and approximatelys.

As for the assay results, as many have stated on this board, as well as many other junior mining companies, as well as anyone who knows what they’re talking about knows, 30 days is the standard to get results. Now maybe a month or two delay is acceptable due to certain unforeseen circumstances, but it’s been over 6 months. So save us the BS excuses Dykes because you’re lying plain and simple.

It’s been over 1 full year since Millenia was supposed to bring significant amounts of financing, and we as shareholders literally have no idea what is going with them. This company treats critical issues like they don’t even matter, unless you’re a family member of Dykes in which case you get to front run any news.

When a company’s management goes out of its way not to disclose material information from shareholders it shows that they have something to hide, and I will assume they do until they actually come out with a coherent update on all 3 issues I’ve named in this post. Oh, and neither Dykes nor Burns is willing to provide any information if you try to contact them.

I’ll be contacting the people I mentioned yesterday at the BCSC and TSX tomorrow if no update is provided today. That’s a promise. I’ll also be pursuing any legal options available to us as shareholders.

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