Council of Muslims of Caucasus: “Sheikh Khamzat never had anything to do with us”

Khamzat Gastamirov (aka: Sheikh Khamzat)


Thieves in law previously disassociated themselves from him.

Head of the Council of Muslims of Transcaucasia press service Ragima Dadashova has denied media reports about the fact that crime lord Khamzat Gastamirov used to be an assistant to the faith-based organization’s chairman Allakhshukyur Pashazade.

It was previously reported that Gastamirov, who calls himself a brother of thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (aka Rovshan Lenkoransky) killed in Istanbul in 2016, used to fulfill Pashazade’s instructions when he lived in Azerbaijan. It was on this grounds that he later called himself a ‘Sheikh.’

At the same time, it became known that representatives of the underground are neither keen on seeing Gastamirov as one of their own. For example, thieves in law Aziz Batukaev, Khuseyn Akhmadov (Khuseyn Slepoy), and Islam Edilgireev (Islam Bolshoy), who gathered in Chechnya in May, as well as Akhmed Dombaev (Akhmed Shalinsky), who participated in the gathering through different communication media while in a colony, unanimously decided that Sheikh Khamzat “sowed dissension and confusion, and was from nothing.” And that, allegedly, everyone was instructed not to take him seriously to prevent innocent from falling victims to him.

According to a representative of the criminal world, Sheikh Khamzat has sought publicity as a powerful crime lord, Dzhaniev’s follower, and holder of the European ‘common fund.’ The CrimeRussia’s source said that the reports about Gastamirov inheriting the hotels, restaurants, and casinos previously owned by Rovshan Lenkoransky, could not be confirmed. The same applies to the publications about the assassination attempts on Sheikh Khamzat, promoted by a single source – Sputnik Azerbaijan.

At the same time, Gastamirov’s attempts to gain a foothold in the underworld’s higher hierarchy by any means are evident. For example, it is known that thief in law Valiko Dzhedzheya (aka Valter), who currently lives in Germany (like Khamzat), provides his authoritative support to the European businessman. Although, according to some sources, his services are not free of charge.

Gastamirov currently resides in Germany, where he owns a vegetable store (some sources say).

The Council of Muslims of Caucasus (known as the Spiritual Council of Muslims of Transcaucasia until 1992) is the highest spiritual and administrative body of Muslims of the Transcaucasian region countries, located in Baku. The organization was established in 1944 on the initiative of the USSR leadership.