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Money laundering is more than a financial crime. It is a tool that makes all other crimes possible – from drug trafficking to political crimes. And banks make it all possible.

According to the United Nations, the estimated amount of money laundered globally in one year is 2 to 5% of the global GDP, or $800 billion to $2 trillion, with more than thank 90% of money laundering going undetected today.

DO YOU know money laundering when you see it?



THEWHISTLEBLOWERS was born November 2012 as a “FREE” website at

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THEWHISTLEBLOWERS is a 1 of a kind news + investigation platform which has become a disruptive, respected presence in the world of offledger money laundering.

THE GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEM is a systemically corrupted, unsustainable, massive money laundering machine



Today, the world is on fire with spreading corruption, criminality + terrorism. The fuel for this fire is money laundering + it can only occur with the collusion of corrupt bankers. The core objective of THEWHISTLEBLOWERS is to uncover, penetrate, monitor, expose + when decided to destroy sophisticated offledger money laundering networks.


>>Our 1st investigation, starting in 2012, was into an organized crime group (OCG) that had been a sophisticated international money laundering operation for over 20 years. It used shell companies called PB Trading SA , Rosabranca International Corporation + Bladdick Corporation SA + lurked behind primarily counterfeit ABN Amro Bank documents. While this investigation is still ongoing, THEWHISTLEBLOWERS has identified 4 major purveyors of their counterfeit ABN Amro Bank documents + has shut down that criminal operation with 2 1/2 years of exposure.

>>Another investigation by THEWHISTLEBLOWERS, starting in 2013, was into a Brazilian based PB Trading SA affiliated group headed by Silvana Neves + Ruy Silva. Their flagship shell called Safaro International Corporation Limited led a UK shell platform involved in sophisticated international fraud + money laundering. As a result of our exposure, which severely impacted their crime businesses, Safaro International Corporation Limited is under proposal to be “striken off” in the UK + that OCG now has only 5 active UK shell companies left out of 34.

>>THEWHISTLEBLOWERS investigation into Leonard Dillon Kaijuka in 2014 uncovered his collusion with a political candidate in South Korea that came very close to creating a money laundering operation using counterfeit ABN Amro Bank documents for a major development proposal at Jeju Island. Press coverage of his sophisticated money laundering scheme + our exposure of it can be seen on the PRESS page.

>>Also, in 2014, THEWHISTLEBLOWERS uncovered + exposed a fake African Prince named Moustapha Ndiaye who partnered with notorious Nagy Shehata + Roy Gillar in using counterfeit ABN Amro Bank documents for the creation of a money laundering center in Brazil. Our exposure of this criminal; conspiracy in Brazil saw the fake Prince arrested in Senegal + the abandonment of their plans in Brazil. Press coverage of this incident can be seen on the PRESS page.

>>Another success in 2014 was the uncovering + exposure of the Sunil Chatterjee (aka: Souray Chattopadhyay, Sourav Chattopadhyay) fraud + money laundering operation based in Switzerland with the Swiss shell called Global Vision Investment SA which is now in liquidation + named on the FNMA Warning List.

>>In 2014, THEWHISTLEBLOWERS uncovered, exposed + stopped a money laundering conspiracy using counterfeit ABN Amro Bank documents by notorious money launderers Robert Cribb (aka: Rocky Cribb) in New Zealand + Alejandro Lavalle in Argentina (senior member of the PB Trading organized crime group). Robert Cribb has since left New Zealand + his mansion at 103 Te Awa Road, RD 3, Hamilton, New Zealand is September 2015 for sale under Court order by a creditor.

>>In 2015, Leticia Castro + Jimmy Matute were arrested by FBI for fraud + money laundering. Since 2013, she has been repeatedly exposed on THEWHISTLEBLOWERS.

>>In 2015, THEWHISTLEBLOWERS exposed Robert Pacione was laundering money out of China Guangfa Bank, possibly for Noth Korea.

>>After 2 years of exposure, sophisticated money launderer + senior member of PB Trading OCG, Nagy Shehata July 2015 shut down his flagship shell called Premier Investment Group, Inc.

>>In 2015, THEWHISTLEBLOWERS continued its investigation into Richard Granier + the counterfeit Bladick Corporation bank guarantees linked to the 2009 collapse of Greek insurance company Aspis Liv. The Founder + CEO, Paul (Pavlos) Psomiadis, was sentenced in 2012 to 8 years in prison for fraud + forgery. Bladick Corporation is part of a long running transnational fraud + money laundering mafia organization with leadership in Italy + Argentina.

>>Nagy Shehata indicted December 2015 by USA DOJ on multiple counts of wire fraud + money laundering.

>>Under pressure from TWB, sophisticated money launderers Nagy Shehata, Alejandro Lavalle, Daniel Kara + Ibrahim Ghonaim 2015 closed their BVI shell called Triumph Hero Development Limited.

>>In October 2015,TWB uncovered + exposed a series of sophisticated, transnational money laundering transactions launched by ID theft of an Italian named Rosario Tulino + his UK company alleging an account at HSBC that were facilitated by Indonesian politically exposed parties named Olly Dondokambey (investigated multiple times for corruption) + Jusuf Muhadji (brother of Indonesia Vice President) using accounts at state owned banks (Bank Mandiri, BCA + BNI) + Agus Martowardojo (Governor, Bank Indonesia) who in October 2016 is being investigated for corruption.

>>In January 2016, Faidzan Bin Hassan was exposed as a sophisticated money launderer on TWB + in September 2016 appeared in a widely viewed Al Jazeera Investigates documentary called Stealing Paradise

>>In May 2016, after exposure by TWB, notorious transnational money launderer Julian Beardsley closed his flagship UK shell called Hestiun Finance (UK) Limited. So far, he has closed over 1,000 shell companies + has gone off the radar. His signature operation was laundering money using Farm 41 + 42 accounts purportedly at Deutsche Bank via a separate non-bank server.

>> In November 2016, TWB uncovered Chinese heritage files are upfront fee fraud orchestrated by Chinese Triads.

>>In November 2016, TWB uncovered that notorious FARM 42 money launderer Maybrook Development Fund Holdings LTD (aka; GOSB LTD, Maybrook Financial Group LTD) had assigned its alleged authority to mysterious UK shell called NETTLI LTD with Alan Bergin, Joachim Burvall, Doug Fleming, Franklin Madison + Cody Shearer (well known Bill + Hillary Clinton political operative).

>>In December 2016, TWB uncovered counterfeit Deutsche Bank documents + spoofed Deutsche banker emails being created by Fadi Alazam using this LinkedIn Profile at this phony website for use in FARM 42 DTC transactions. Place his name in the search window on the EVIDENCE page to see his associates.

>>In December 2016, TWB confirmed that Julian Beardsley was arrested by UK Met Police in 2015 for financial shenanigans at HSBC, was released on bail. His computers were seized. Since October 2013, TWB has been receiving information + reporting about his FARM 42 Account # 947259564 money laundering activities using an outside of bank server. Interestingly, no report of this arrest in the UK press.

>>In March 2017, TWB revealed that bankers were misusing FARM 42, DIT, SPP, DTC + IP ID systems + their bank correspondent accounts for sophisticated, risk free money laundering schemes.

>>In April 2017, Roy Gillar was arrested by the USA FBI for large sale fraud. TWB had profiled him, since 2012, as a member of an OCG involved in global fraud + money laundering.

>>In April 2017, TWB uncovered the largest Italian mafia (NDRANGHETA) were behind a shell company called CAPITAL MARKETS PLC / LTD that was doing large scale money laundering by the IP ID system from an account at CitiBank in Zurich.

>>In May 2017, TWB exposed OCG footsoldiers spreading counterfeit Deutsche Bank drafts all over the world using common draft number 60-32-57, collecting millions of euros from their fraud victims.

>>In May 2017, Joseph Birch sentenced to 7 years 6 monthS in UK prison for fraud + money laundering. In 2013, he was exposed on THEWHISTLEBLOWERS.

>>In August 2017, TWB uncovered a senior member of the FARM 42 money laundering network was Javier Adan Rivera Fernandez (aka: Joe Fernandez) with almost 20,000 Panamanian, UK + Cyprus shell companies. The President of 1 of these Panamanian shell companies called ARMITECH COMPANY INC was Russian lawyer/weapons trafficker named Ivan Turcanu. Javier Fernandez in 2017 is working with Australian named Andrew Mortlock (aka: Morty) partnered with + married to a PEP Indonesian wife named Sri Mulhaida. They have a scheme to commit fraud + money launder through a Canadian penny stock called American CUMO Mining Corporation.

>>In September 2017, TWB notified CSA + BCSC that dual listed penny stock named American Cumo Mining Corporation was being used for Farm 42 money laundering.

>>In October 2017, TWB uncovered that NETTLI LTD with Alan Bergin + Cody Shearer (well known Bill + Hillary Clinton political operative) were conspiring the takeover of Russian off-ledger funds called FARM 42 (aka: DTC1, account number 947259564).

>>December 4, 2017, senior FARM 42 money launderer Fadi Alazam confessed by email sent to TWB.

>>July 2018, uncovered serial fraudster + ex-con in both USA + UK named James Rice was impersonating Pierre DuPont using a shell called Sigma Developments International Ltd. + an ex-con in USA named Harry Wilhelm (aka: Harrison Wilhelm). Hashem Abolgar + a woman named Daria Corchado Devillanueva are part of this fraud + money laundering operation.

>>October 2017 – July 2018, THEWHISTLEBLOWERS covert operation resulted with TWB team in possession of €21B FARM 107 funds sent from notorious Deutsche Bank account 947259564, using IP system + a non-bank server, by The Investment Bank Limited (a UK shell) with personnel named Shanmugaveil Saundra Raju (aka: Shanmugaveil Saundaraju + Shanmugaveil Saunda . Raju) + Rajesh Duvvada + John Onyemerekwe (aka: Robert Onyems, Johnny Onyems, Johnny O). PB Trading + Rosabranca International are mentioned in the “folder” containing this €21B FARM 107 funds. Deutsche Bank personnel provided support for this criminal money laundering operation. The Central Bank of the country, where TWB team is still in possession of this €21B FARM 107 funds, is also aware of this criminal operation. Finally, TWB team is in possession of extensive, irrefutable evidence that proves existence + criminal misuse of FARM accounts, fraud + money laundering from FARM accounts.

>>November 2018, TWB uncovered Milvon Slinisz (Born March 1,1950, Serbian passport) – operating in Moscow + St Petersburg (Russia) is a leader in OCG behind Farm 107 off-ledger money laundering.

>>November 2018, dual listed penny stock named American Cumo mining Corporation, exposed by TWB in September 2017 as being a Farm 42 money laundering vehicle, had a CTO issued by the Canadian stock exchange + next day lost 80% of its stock value on the still open American OTC exchange.

>>January 2019, TWB exposed Kingdom of Manna as a sophisticated fraud using a notorious Sovereign Citizen scheme involving misuse of the USA FED routing number to create fake temporary bank account credits.  Its members are Jesper Ellermann (aka: Michael Uriel, J Elleman-Jensen, Anonymous, Royal Monarch of the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna), Stuart Jemesen (aka: Tzu Xander) + Thomas Raphael Zaphkiel (aka: Royal Chief Liaison. Lord Thomas Raphael Zaphkiel). Stuart Jemesen was exposed by TWB 4 years ago with the Rosabranca / PB Trading OCG money laundering offledger funds using counterfeit ABN Amro Bank documents. Kingdom of Manna is linked to the phony Manna World Holding Trust running the same Sovereign Citizen scheme. The USA FBI has called the Sovereign Citizen movement the #1 domestic terrorist threat in America.

>>February 2019, TWB exposed Manna World Holding Trust as a sophisticated fraud using a notorious Sovereign Citizen scheme involving misuse of the USA FED routing number to create fake temporary bank account credits. Its members are Kimberly Ann Goguen (aka: Kim Goguen, Kim Possible) — (Arizona, Colorado, Michigan), Sanford Ellis — (Maryland), Raul de la Hoya — (California), Karilyn Youngman — (Florida), Blair West (fugitive from charges in Liberia) — (New York), Xan Carvan — (Alabama), Steve Mitcham — (Georgia), Thomas Williams — (Florida, Colorado), Thomas Melville — (New York), Steffen Rowe (aka: Tank) — (New York). In December 2018, 1 of their operatives was arrested in Liberia, 5 more are fugitives from bank fraud charges. The USA FBI has called the Sovereign Citizen movement the #1 domestic terrorist threat in America.

>>April 2019, TWB uncovered American fraudster Cindy Currier was operating a similar “Manna” misuse of a USA FED routing number scheme with notorious organized crime group using the names Heirship Trust, SwissIndo + OMD. Its members include Soegiharto Notonegoro (SE Asia fraudster, aka: Sino, M1), Cindy Currier, Michel Valette, Alain Atlani. Alfredo Ramirez, Kimarie Teter + Dan Lutz.

>>December 2020, TWB uncovered Project Hammer is connected to national intelligence services which have been + still are money laundering large scale counterfeit currency into the global money supply. ROLF IGNATIUS JOHANNES VAN ROOIJEN (aka: Rolf van Rooyen, Roelof van Rooyen, Rolf van Roouen, Roelof van Rooyen Rodine, Rolf Rondine) + ADRIAAN (Riaan) STANDER are members on this operation.  Project Hammer has connections to Nugan Hand Bank, the secret 1980’s funding of Nicaragua rebels, the expansion of the Mexico + Columbia cocaine business, the introduction of cocaine into America.

>>May 2021, TWB shut down Kimberly Ann Goguen (Manna World Holding Trust). She was connected to Lambros Kalogeros using accounts at Bank of NY for money laundering large scale counterfeit currency into the legal money supply as part of the Project Hammer apparatus.


THEWHISTLEBLOWERS has been a resource used for investigative reports in Australia, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Senegal + South Korea.

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