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Li Keqiang (/l kəˈjɑːŋ/;[1] Chinese李克强Mandarin[lì kʰɤ̂.tɕʰjǎŋ]; born 1 July 1955) is a Chinese politician who is the current Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. An economist by trade, Li is China’s head of government as well as one of the leading figures behind China’s Financial and Economic AffairsForeign AffairsNational Security and Deepening Reforms. He is also the second-ranked member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the de facto top decision-making body of the country. Li is a major part of the “fifth generation of Chinese leadership” along with General Secretary Xi Jinping. Li was named the world’s 12th most powerful person by Forbes in their list of the world’s most powerful people in 2015 and 2016.


Communist Party of China (CCP)
Zhōngguó Gòngchǎndǎng
General Secretary 1 j
Xi Jinping
Standing Committee


They bribe their way through college and army.
It’s a big criminal gang
A degree in Marxism  you mean a degree in cognitive dissonance, corruption and greed
Xi jinping doesn’t know what he’s doing another words
China economics in mud and flood.
This saving face bs is the bane of all cultures.
PhD in Marxiste Léniniste study ? WTF
Requirements to being a CCP : Have an ugly or annoying face
He’s going to be wacked soon by Xi. Bogus Corruption charges coming soon in 3…2…1..
li seems like the more moderate, more practical and less ideological then the firebrand, egotistical xi jinping
Is China a paper tiger? The world must challenge their aggression. They are another Nazi Germany in the making.
award situation being the worlds most dishonest country must have concern for the stupid countries that deal with China.
China dosen’t care about the poor people it’s disgraceful and heartbreaking so many fighting just to survive the corruption is out of control
Why do.i have a feeling he will Disappear without a trace…..I like Li he is Chinese Who cares about people
WW3 will be the mother of all wars . If humans survive mad max will be the new order .
TRUMP 2🇺🇸2🇺🇸
I thought the politburo was a true meritocracy LOL
Coronavirus King Jingping
Xi’s PhD stands for Powerhunger Dictator.
‪Millions of people are now starving to death because of the global shutdown in 3rd world countries. Google it !‬
While xi jinping just sits just basically sits on his fat behind most of the time giving orders
Great news great video thanks as Tibetan can’t wait see CCP collapse. It dream came true for us
Xi has a Phd in “Maxism, Leninism and ideological education” WTF ! He may as well have been studying Chinese medicine.
They are so robotic. This is not the way one can think and act independently, or even part of a team. Pawns and pieces on a chessboard waiting to be moved around.
0:40 lmao the higher rank you are the more space you get to avoid covid
He needs to be COUP 🇨🇦
WOW !!! What a great report !!!! thank you for that explanation ,
God Will handle this cruel country very effectively And God’s Will,Will be Done AMEN
Xijinping is throwing money all over the world for propaganda to take over the world causing China to collapse in future, making the world to turn on him. Marxist don’t work.
They like highschool girls
give it a few more months, he’ll be charged with corruption and will end up in jail or executed.
All the ingredients are there for the collapse of the ccp
lets hope they have a civil war
I’d be happy if Xi can get rid of Xiang Zemin and all other corrupt killers
China has put its foot in the mouth, and that too deep within!
Thanks, your documentaries are always insightful. Well done.
How many people do you have to starve to death to get a PhD in Communism? Asking for a friend?
Who slung dung?
I am happy that Li is open! I am sure many other CCP officials feel the same way! This is the beginning of a new beginning for China! I pray that China will become democratic nation! With democracy and love for Chinese people, this will become a great nation!
China army itself is planning a coup to take down Xi for declaring war with the entire world and act as president of China for life.
I’ll have to watch this 5 or 6 times to finally get it. Sounds like straight up Mob to me
The good leader worry n care their won people inside the country n give them a good life, make their life easiar .
For thousands of years Chinas leaders have exploited citizens and then overthrown by another leader who repeats same thing
The irony in all this is Li Keqiang had done more for the prosperity of China than Xi Jinping ever have. Emperor Xi is just another worthless princeling taking credit for the hard work and ingenuity of others. I agree with so many policies of Li. Like Li said… openness is oxygen for the economy and development. Xi’s approach is state capitalism, protectionism and closing down China to the world which IMHO is the dumbest thing ever. The underground commentators are right… Xi is dumb as a rock… stuck in 1960s backward mentality. Xi’s belt and road is neocolonialism that will only end in failure and waste trillions of dollars of the Chinese people’s money.

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Reading too much about nothing just like how they thought Kim Jong Un had died. Spend your time doing something productive instead!
China now playing is own end war
Dog chew dog bones lol
Ccp’s doomsday is happening
Li would make a great leader, bringing the free market to the people. This would create a happy and prosperous nation and end oppression. Free China!
Xijiping doesn’t care Chinese people whatever happen. But he only care n worry about his Powar n name. That too bad for poor Chinese people hard worker. So that’s not good leader.
The worst thing have not come to CCP yet wait and see one road one bell will go to hell
Who trust Xi Jinpinoccio?.
Simply put, China is not at all what they claim , and have claimed, regarding finance and military. Xi really should STFD and STFU, before he really sticks his foot in it.
Music to my ears ! Let them destroy each other ! The CCP must end , the sooner the better !
I hope that who ever China’s next leader is, he cares more about China than the damned CCP.
Winnie has a PhD, lol sure. Its definitely real, not forged at all. Wish I could get a PhD with an elementary school education.
Xi Jing Ping is now fighting to keep his place as the as fighting to keep his pl;ace and PLA is also Angry and may revolt and so will the people will also rise. End is near.
Move the mic away from your spit
you should not refer to ‘president xi Jinping’ as a president for one is only a ‘president’ if elected by a democratic election. He is, as mentioned earlier, only the ‘Secretary General of the CCP’. He should never be called ‘president’ it is most impolite not to use right title.
Interesting in footage of history and thank you Sir. for your videos and complex understanding within politics and in your country insight. But China took their developmenting nation training wheels off decades ago tho in my visually analysis of your country.
Dude! Keep it coming, you’re doing god’s work (I am an atheist, but were there to be a benevolent god… you would be doing his work) …
Li understands what the country needs and it’s not expansionism.
A PhD in Marxism-Leninism! 😅 In other words a PhD in BS!
Holy carp! I fell asleep half way thru

Scott Boswell

4 hours ago

Study Mao. Yea- good read.
Some amazing analysis as always
They must also have pre planned vaccine, because they aren’t wearing masks either….all the subordinate people in the back have masks on.
I don’t know much about the internal workings of the CCP but is it possible for internal overthrow somehow even though Xitping declared himself master of the universe for all eternity?
Thank you for your nice expose’. I’ve been looking over my shoulder at China since 1992 when I started manufacturing in Taiwan. This kind of news, which the American State Media refuses to show us, is very important for Americans to understand. The CCP is not good for this world, but XI Jinping is especially evil.
Excellent and unparallel discipline of Chinese outlook . GREAT CHINA * CHEERS *
Jealousy, envy,bitterness, resentment disdainment, and spite are strong in the force! The Love ( avarice ) is the Root of a variety of Evil!
WELL DONE , dude !!
my thought is that xi could regain some tremendous credence with the world by returning Tibet to CURRENT DALAI LAMA TIENZIEN GUYATSO . I CANNOT imagine that there has been any significant benefit to Beijing for the 30 years that they have controlled and looted it ?? it certainly cannot be of any notable benefit to Han Chinese going forward since all its inhabitants are Buddhists and non confrontational ?

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Reminds me on how Hitler assigned Heinrich Himmler, a chicken farmer, as head of the Gestapo. Pretty clear it’s not what you know, but who you know to make it in China.
Infighting and corruption will be this regime’s undoing.
I think the corona virus has made the whole Red Chinese CCP NUTZ!
1:10 Wow! I always had the impression that Chinese people were always polite and respectful between each other, even the top official ones. But instead, this small footage shows that even politics on their side can be really toxic and dirty, especially by publicly humiliating one of their own. Chinese people in general don’t like to lose face, and Li Keqiang certainly felt very ashamed at that moment and resentful at losing face like this.

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you know the words this other man should have been or probably would have been a better choice for the president of China rather than xi jin ping and he’s the only one that has a real education in economics he would have been perfect and he probably would have led China on the road to real change
Thanks for the post.
Firstly, Xi Jinping WOW WHAT A BIG DEAL as this PhD (which really signifies how these criminals do things) as Marxism, Leninism and ideological and political education??? WOW these are all means of and like, being taught how to be a murderer, thief, cheat and a criminal with a PhD!!! These people are completely brainwashed communist that will do anything to rise to power and in my opinion are like and as dangerous and have the criminal traits of these communist murderers like Mao and Stalin, where all these criminals learned everything from, for GODS SAKE they have a PhD in it! Also, this is a fight between factions like its in any criminal organisation. Just wait these gangsters will eliminate each other and Xi will do what all these Marxists Bolshevik criminals have done for over a century and that is either self-destruct or Li Keqiang will prevail but, their Marxist Bolshevik ideology will never ever get away from them e.g. have a look at Putin and Russia, which is another phase of the Marxist Bolshevik idea(s) and ideology mk2. It will take at least 100 years to completely irradiate communism if it can be done at all!

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Great information
Wow picked the guy with a Ph.D in Communism over the guy with a real degree in economics. Who might actually know how to run a business. Which running a country is like running a business. Yeah CCP…will fail like every other dynasty in China. Your 70 yrs are about up CCP!!
The truth speaks for itself
What about rice
Evil CCP coming to an End
The ‘great hall of the people’,the people’s liberation army’ etc.What a big pile of total BS.They talk about a ‘legislature’ too lol.What utter crapola!Godless commies everywhere are going down soon.
One day in the near future, the people in China will ship Xitler JinPing and the CCP Thugs to the Re-Education Camps in Xinjiang run by Uighurs.
I don’t get it. So he stood up, so what?
Well Lee has to be at least half intelligent. In the end “openness is like oxygen, you can’t part with it for even a moment otherwise you will suffocate” The truth will set you free! A shame the Chinese people have to suffer this disgrace of leadership with no morals and no ethics. You can not sacrifice such things for the “greater good” as there is no good left, only horrible existence with no future!

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Did they do for rest of 5 clowns or just Li kequiang?
Great hall of the people???
Wow Winne has a PhD in how t be a mafia leader.