Robbery report turns up unexpectedly expensive property of Culture Ministry employee Anna Muradyan, 26

Anna Muradyan


Anna Muradyan’s apartment is located in Gagarinsky Lane, Moscow.

There was a robbery in central Moscow in the evening of January 25. The thief broke into the apartment belonging to Anna Muradyan, a 26-year-old employee of the Russian Ministry of Culture, and stole her money and jewelry.

According to the Mash Telegram Channel, Muradyan’s apartment is located in Gagarinsky Lane, Khamovniki district. Luckily for the thief, neither the concierge nor the guards saw him penetrating the residential complex. The man climbed up to the second floor and into the apartment of the Culture Ministry official. He managed to take out some cash and jewelry for a total of 300.000 rubles ($5.300). What he did not know is that all around him were some pretty expensive things that could have brought him much more money.

Anna Muradyan turned out to be a pretty wealthy young woman. Being an Administrative Department adviser in the Culture Ministry of the Russian Federation, she owns an apartment in Khamovniki worth at least 55.000.000 rubles ($980.000). According to Mash, she also owns two expensive cars: a BMW X5 and a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. The woman also has a truly expensive hobby: she collects handbags from the world’s most famous designers. The average price of one such bag is 300.000 rubles ($5.300), and Muradyan has a 4.600.000 rubles’ worth of them ($82.000). Mash assumed that Muradyan’s luxurious lifestyle could only be supported by a salary bigger than that of Minister Vladimir Medinsky. failed to find Muradyan’s income statement on the Culture Ministry website, since the required page was unavailable for some reason.

BELOW – The building where Muradyan’s apartment is located