Another member of Neverovskie gang killed in Tolyatti

Leader of the gang Sergey Neverov


Another mobster from the Neverovskie gang has been killed in the city on the Volga River. The Russian Investigative Committee has not yet commented on the incident.

On the morning of October 17, the body of a dead man born in 1982 was found in the school yard on the Voroshilova Street in Tolyatti.

The ICR has not yet provided any comments regarding the details. However, the Kommersant newspaper, citing an informed source in law enforcement bodies, reported that the deceased had been a member of the notorious Neverovskie gang Ilshat Bulatov.

The investigation team and forensic specialists of the ICR department in the Samara Region are trying to establish the circumstances of the murder. A criminal case was initiated under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder), initial examinations were assigned, and law enforcers are currently carrying out investigative activities.

In particular, members of the MIA Main Department, who are providing operational support, seek for the murder witnesses from the residents of the nearby houses, the regional department of the ICR reported. At this point, according to eyewitnesses, we know only that the victim was doing a morning jog, when he was attacked by an unidentified person.

It is worth noting that about a dozen entrepreneurs, who are associated with the Neverovskaya gang, have been killed in Tolyatti over the past few years. At the end of the 2000s, Sergey Neverov began to sell his assets in Tolyatti and moved to Ukraine. Neverov’s former business partners — the founder of Tolyatti’s largest gambling network Lucky Lada LLC Vitaly Portnov and co-owner of Chistie Prudi LLC Alexander Petrovsky — became his enemies, a criminal war broke out in the city.

Chronologically, its last episode was an attempt on businessman Oleg Zaguzov, the ex-director of Promrezerv, who is better known in Tolyatti as Dzhambik. As the CrimeRussia previously reported, Dzhambik acted as an accountant of Neverov’s gang, until the criminal community faced internal disagreements.

The attempted murder took place on August 19 in a neighboring city of Zhigulevsk. As a result, Dzhambik suffered several gunshot wounds, but survived.

There have already been other attempts to deal with Zaguzov. In October 2013, two killers were preparing an attack on him, but came under fire at the Olimp sports complex. One was shot dead on the spot, the second was saved in the hospital. The wounded mercenary told investigators that he had been hired to kill Dzhambik by Neverov’s cousin and right hand, Sergey Ageev (Akim). After that, the alleged contractor Sergey Neverov was put on the international wanted list.