Beso Rustavsky’s thief status restored, dissenters sent to GuliABOVE + BELOW – Beso Rustavsky

ABOVE – Nadir Salifov (aka: Guli)
BELOW – Eduard Asatryan (aka: Edik Osetrina)
Эдуард Асатрян


At the same time, the active opponents of the thief status of Beso Rustavsky – Gudzha Kutaissky and Edik Osetrina – were reminded that they were hardly infallible themselves.

The colony No. 7 in the Saratov region, where Besik Kvinikhidze aka Beso Rustavsky is currently serving his sentence, has received messages from as much as five thieves in law requesting to consider him a thief and treat accordingly. At the same time, as reported by Rosbalt, thieves Makhare Gvaramiya (Matsik), Niko Dgebuadze (NikaGagrinsky), and several others are offered to redirect their claims to thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli). The latter has long supported Beso Rustavsky, since he had actively helped his brother Namik to fight Salifov’s enemies – primarily with Ali Geydarov (Albert Ryzhy) – in Turkey.

It was previously reported that the fact Besik restored his status has already pitted Guli and Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina) against each other and may even escalate into a full-scale war between their clans. Asatryan was reminded that he did not respond to his beating by a group of thieves and did not explain himself for accusing ShakroMolodoy’s relatives of having relations with law enforcement agencies.

Actually, it was in contrast to their position that Edik Tbilissky spoke out against Kvinikhidze. In particular, it was Shalva Ozmanov (Kuso), who offered to consider BesoRustavsky a thief.

However, Elgudzha Turkadze (Gudzha Kutaissky) is still the most ardent opponent of Besik’s thief status, and he has his reasons.


Gudzha Kutaisskiy

When Rustavi was only ‘aspiring,’ he met with ‘criminal general’ Gudzha in Butyrka detention center. The latter allegedly showed him where he belonged because he had beaten up by an ordinary prisoner in front of a representative of the prison administration. When Turkadze learned that Kvanikhidze was ‘crowned’ after his release, he was extremely dissatisfied with this. After all, this happened without his opinion taken into account, however he still had questions to Kvanikhidze after that incident in Butyrka.

However, there were questions to Turkadze himself. For example, Guli’s representatives reminded Gudzhi of a story that was widely discussed in mafia circles. According to it, he had reportedly witnessed in a case of a soup distributor in one of the colonies, who was accused of stealing food. In addition, as it was decided at the global gathering in Yerevan, members of the ‘family’ should not remain without a title during imprisonment, since their weakened position in colonies is beneficial only to the Federal Penitentiary Service. All questions to crime lords may be asked only after their release.

This, by the way, has already caused a reaction from the security officers, whom the situation, when a prisoner receives a thievish title while serving his sentence, made really mad, a source in law enforcement agencies told

According to him, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarded it as a blatant indicator of the poor performance of Federal Penitentiary Service staff. As a result, as The CrimeRussia already wrote, May 15, Goryachiy Klyuch saw Kuso being detained and escorted to Moscow. Beso himself also faces severe consequences, the publication notes. Moreover, Shakro, who, while in prison, gave approval for the return of Beso’s title, encounter problems himself.

Шалва Озманов (краинии справа)

Shalva Ozmanov (rightmost)

So far, there has been no thieves in law willing to call the correctional institution of the Saratov region and report that Beso is not a thief in the law in spite of the dissatisfaction they expressed.

The first time Beso Rustavsky received the title was in 2013, but a year later he was already ‘uncrowned’ because of a bad reputation. However, having received another term for robbery in 2017, Beso managed to establish ‘black’ rules in the colony, which caused the respect of the underground community.