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BELOW – The building where the former official bought an entire floor

Abyzov got an elite real estate before arrest




It took the ex-minister six days to buy a floor in a Khamovniki building.

Some curious details about the financial affairs of Mikhail Abyzov have surfaced. It turns out that six days before his arrest, the former minister became the owner of a whole floor in an elite Khamovniki building, according to the telegram channel Mash.

The apartment is at 9/12 1st Obydensky Lane. That is not the first apartment the official owns in the building, because in 2016, he bought a five-room one with an area of 161 square meters. Since then, the official has bought all of the adjacent rooms with three purchases made in 2018 and four made later. On March 20, 2019 Abyzov bought the last two apartments on the sixth floor, according to the channel. The total area of his housing has reached 300 square meters and is estimated at 250 million rubles.

Moreover, last fall, Abyzov bought another apartment of 311 square meters in the neighboring building, another 250 million rubles.

The ex-minister also has suburban real estate: a private residence, an additional house and a house for the domestic help are located on the territory of 5,000 square meters in the very heart of Rublevka, Zhukovka Village. The channel posted a video of the site taken from above.

The footage shows that the master’s houses are interconnected by a veranda passage. There is a covered garage in the courtyard, with two cars inside and a 20-million-ruble Lamborghini Urus outside. Two guards.

Abyzov acquired the house and land last November after leaving the government.

The ex-minister was arrested on charges of creating a criminal gang. According to investigators, Abyzov and his accomplices stole 4 billion rubles; the former official denies any wrongdoing.