Lewis on who makes Shaltay-Boltay lucrative business
ABOVE – Vladimir Anikeev
BELOW – Alexander Glazastikov
Shaltay-Boltay member denies gang participation in hacker attacks during US elections




According to Anikeev, escaped Glazastikov developed business by hacking mailboxes, he also handled all financial matters so others got just minor sums.

The FSB officers learned the details of the testimony of imprisoned in Lefortovo Vladimir Anikeev, Shaltay-Boltay group leader. The data of Rosbalt source reveal that he assigned the role of ‘chief accountant’ to hacker Alexander Glazastikov located in Estonia. As Anikeev put it, it was him to developed business by hacking mailboxes, he also handled all financial matters, and the rest received only driblets. Hackers themselves were engaged in cracks only to amuse themselves. They allegedly were trying to prove that the Internet is a territory of anarchy, where everyone is free to post any information.

“While we were Internet anarchists, Sasha focused only on money and no politics. When it comes to FSB curators it is a made-up story necessary for him to obtain political asylum in Estonia. I was very unpleasantly surprised by his behavior. We’re all in jail, while he is free and behaves this way. If I were him, I would not give interviews and expose people I know”, – Anikeev said.

Among all cases of obtaining access to personal correspondence Anikeev only admitted hacking the personal mailbox of Sberbank executive manager Evgeny Kislyakov. He emphatically denies participation in cracking the box of News Media holding head Aram Gabrelyanov. According to Anikeev, Shaltay-Boltay got this correspondence, but they were not involved in the hacking process. He also said they did not take part in cracking the box of President assistant Vladislav Surkov.

The CrimeRussia has already previously reported that there had been a disaccord between Shaltay-Boltay members. Information provided in interviews by remaining free Alexander Glazastikov is contrary to the testimony of the other members of the hacker group who are in prison. In particular, they deny that they worked under the control of the FSB and sold leaks provided by them.

Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis), Alexander Filinov (Mad Hatter) and Konstantin Teplyakov (March Hare) were detained in November 2016. They were charged under part 3 of Art. 272 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Access to legally-protected Computer Information). According to investigators, the gang members obtained compromising material on public figures and then demanded a ransom, otherwise they sold the data for Bitcoins via Ukraine or published them in the public domain.

In addition, sources reported that it was Anikeev who testified against top manager of Kaspersky Lab Ruslan Stoyanov, FSB ISC officers Sergey Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev initiating their arrest. They were charged with high treason, investigators do not disclose the details of their criminal case.