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BACKGROUND: FINANCIAL FREEDOM FOUNDATION not listed among registered Texas nonprofits



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and more BACKGROUND: Scientology Front Group ‘Grodysh Int INC (Haiti)


Rob Thompson… Is the doufus with the MBA who wrote the Loftus Proposal…

he also runs a company called
Financial Freedom Foundation
sells his junk with webinars-seminars…does some forex trading… promices investment returns too good to be true…etc basically a spruiker
has a thing called the “Mastermind Group”…herp derp…

Basically the whole thing is set up to steer suckers into Bill Loftus project…

the first thing Rob hits you with Is a fookin Bill Loftus quote.. derp

Rob Is the Managing Director of the “Together we Can Foundation” …
which dosen’t exist …in Robs or Bills name..

WARNING: most of the non-Scientologist involved in this scheme quack more that the Scientologist involved…

Triumph, Nov 18, 2012


The answer to what you need, the major thing that’s been holding you down
and crippling you in your service for the Lord, the thing you’ve been you’ve
been praying about and asking the Lord for answers to, may have found in
what I’m about to share with you today.Could this be an “open door” for you right now, a new beginning in the
establishment of God’s Kingdom way for you, and through you, for His Church,
and for the world? (Revelation 4:1-4)For far too long, many of God’s people have been restricted, hobbled and
disabled, by a lack of finance. Some have been in this situation for years. Many
of you have probably been wondering whether it’s the devil robbing and
stealing from you, or if it’s God’s way of keeping you humble. (I know because
I’ve been down that road more than once).Right off, let me suggest that it’s the devil who has been robbing, stealing and
destroying, not God. You know what John 10:10 says, right? (More on that
later).Today, I will be presenting a solution to you for not only covering your financial
needs, but a way in which you can have excess left over. This can, and should
be used, to share in the needs of others. This is God’s Kingdom way.It may be that what I’m about to share with you is not for you, and that’s OK.But then again, it may be the very thing you’ve been praying for. What’s being
presented here is about passive, regular income coming in, so you can be
freed to concentrate on what God has called you to do. (Passive income
requires no effort on your part to acquire it).Some BackgroundHere’s why I’m writing this today. Please hear me out and don’t stone me just
yet! I think I know what some of you may be thinking. Today’s newsletter is
very different to what you’ve come to expect from me, and I’m talking about
making money! Just relax, OK?Recently, I received a disturbing email from a colleague who has been in
ministry for more than 30 years. Here’s what he shared.“Both (wife’s name) and I have taken a time-out after 30 years of work. We
tried to relax and prepare for the times ahead. The relaxing-bit did not go very
well so far. We are probably more tired than before. It took a lot of energy
simply to fight for financial survival. Recently we again had the lady come over
from the power company to shut down our electricity; we simply could not pay
those bills. Sleep and rest then escapes you. Because of a last-second
development we could not turn that corner; by now we know that lady pretty
Some have sent us support for our Sabbath time, and we are very grateful for
that. It has been very helpful. It is fair to say, however, that the money lasted
us up to about summer, and then only because we cooked on low flame.
(Wife’s name) and I have been unable to take a real rest, and we still have
two more months to go. Sometimes we run into people with large resources, a
“christian” version of a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. When we would bring our
case, it is a disappointing experience, every single time. We have started to
wonder if there is someone in this world who has a passion for the Kingdom,
Matthew 6:33 style, and actually following Kingdom (not christian!) protocol of
giving and distributing…
Some gave us toys for our kids; some have told us, money is not needed to
serve God – and then (all real stories!) they took off on a $50,000 vacation,
invested $15 million into a flop, lost 200 million during 2008 Lehman Bank
crisis, or complained about some ignition problem of their third Ferrari.
Most have simply ignored us, but some have become very angry, especially
when they realized that we truly believe and propagate that the Law of Christ
is still the binding law in the Kingdom – for us, and for anyone who says Lord,
Lord, Kingdom, Kingdom! … (end)
Why I Was Greatly Disturbed Getting This LetterThis email disturbed me for two reasons. a) I was not in a position to help my
colleague at that time, and, b), after 30 years of ministry he, his wife and
family, were in this shocking situation! I went to prayer and poured out my
complaint to the Lord. Why was my colleague not being looked after? Why
wasn’t I in a better situation to be able to help him? Why???I was also aware that there were many of God’s faithful servants who were in
similar positions of struggling financially. Some have been in this position for
years. I asked the Lord for a breakthrough. “Why was this so? Why are the
sinners prospering exponentially, and Your people Lord, are having trouble
getting enough food for their family, or, having their electricity cut off. Lord,
this should not be so!”

I felt the Lord gently respond by saying that something was coming up that
would change all that. Financial breakthroughs were coming that would change
everything. I’ve been getting these impressions from the Lord now for some
time. But the question was always, how?

An Answer To My Prayer?

A few days later after praying the above prayer, I received an invitation to an
online webinar with the enticing title, “HOW TO CREATE $100K PASSIVE
INCOME PER ANNUM” from a group I’ve been registered with for a two to three
years. Their mission is to constantly look for passive income opportunities to
offer to their members.

In this case, they promoted a webinar to be conducted by a third-party man
who had set up a Foundation with the express purpose of showing people how
they could gain a $100K income in 12 months, and progressively increase this.
They would need to follow his guidelines and be mentored by he and his team.
More than that, he would help them set up the “vehicles” for this to happen.
He was virtually guaranteeing that they would achieve these goals provided
they followed his lead to the letter. His proviso was that they should be willing
to give money away that was over and above what they needed to live on. He
was not interested in helping people who just wanted a bigger house, flasher
car etc. They had to be “go givers instead of go getters.”

Lifting The Vision

The presenter on the webinar spoke of lifting personal vision above just
meeting personal needs. He spoke of having an extra $10,000 or $20,000 a
month over and above your living expenses. He asked, “Would you use it to
super-size your lifestyle or would you use it to help others?” He said most
people had limited vision because they were preoccupied with just getting
enough for their own needs and couldn’t imagine having an excess. He asked,
“If you had unlimited money, what would you do?” What are your passionate
about? What are you “called” to do?

This message got my attention because it was just a week after I got the email
from my colleague above telling about his electricity being cut off, and just two
days after I made my complaint to the Lord about His servants suffering
financially. After some discussions with the Lord, and then with the webinar
presenter, I felt it was important for me to be diligent in presenting this offer to
you, as it seemed to be what was needed right now, especially in relation to
you and God’s Kingdom purposes on the earth. This could be the breakthrough
many of have been praying for.

So this is what I’m doing here right now. What you do with it is between you
and the Lord.

I’m well aware of the risk that I may offend some of you, because speaking of
money can cause some Christians to get very nervous, defensive, and even
angry. I think the reason is because we have all grown up with a deep mistrust
of money. We are afraid it will corrupt us. It is interesting fact though,
everyone seems to want more of it… mmmm.

The Fact of The Matter

Money is inanimate. It is spiritless. It’s purely a means of exchange. It is
neither good nor evil. It can corrupt us though, if we use it to feed our fallen
emotional needs with material things to gain status and recognition. These can
make us feel better but it’s temporary. This is what the love of money is all
about. Jesus warned us right? Mammon (money) can never meet our
emotional needs, ever! He is the only one who can meet our needs and satisfy
the deepest longings of our heart.

On the other hand, money in the hands of the right people, who use it as a
tool, can achieve great things. In fact it should be seen as just that. An
enabling tool or servant, that can be used to meet our own needs, and, used to
help for others.

Money can provide food, shelter, medicines, and relieve suffering. And it can
enable ministers of the Lord to travel on His Kingdom business needing no
offerings or donations to cover expenses. Money can make all the difference in
the world particularly when it’s PASSIVE income. In other words you don’t have
to work for it. There is so much more I could say but I know by now you just
want to know what this offer is all about. But first let me drive home the point
I made earlier about Satan being the one who robs, kills and destroys.

Satan’s Mission

1. Steal (John 10:10)

2. Kill (John 10:10)

3. Destroy (John 10:10)

4. To be the god of this world and blind people. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

He steals from people. He robs them blind. They wonder what on earth has
happened. Why all this loss? My money has gone, my child has died, my
spouse has died, my ministry has been taken from me… I’ve lost my house…
career… friends… I don’t have the money to be able to do anything… I can’t
give what I want to give… He hobbles and disables, this is what he does.

He kills aspirations and dreams. He stops people from fulfilling their calling. He
defames them, cuts of relationships, separates, causes division, schisms,
misunderstandings, and is the reason many to give up on their calling
He literally destroys. Causes accidents, disasters, gets people taken out of the
way because they were a threat to his purposes
And he blinds people, so the cannot see and understand the Truth.

Jesus’ Mission

It’s too big to describe. It’s way above and beyond what we can ask or think.
Words cannot describe it or Him. He is way above our understanding or ability
to put into words. He is magnificence!

However we can say this:

1. He came that we might have life and have it more more abundantly.
(John 10:10)

2. He came with the express purpose of destroying the works of Satan.
(1 John 3:8)

3. He came and died to raise us up to complete the work He started. He is
expecting us to fulfil His Kingdom purposes by giving us the capacity. He
is willing to live in, and through us. (Acts 17:281 Corinthians 3:16;
Ephesians 2:22)

4. He is Life – abundant Life!
Poverty and lack do not glorify God. It’s not in His nature. Everything about
Him is abundance. Your poverty is not a reflection of Who He is. He takes
pleasure in your prosperity, not your lack. (Psalm 35:27112:1-3;
Deuteronomy 8:18)

Financial Freedom

The man who led the webinar is Rob Thompson. He is a highly qualified and
experienced senior financial analyst. He has two finance degrees, an MBA and
from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MA from Lauder
Institute of International Studies.

He has worked at high levels in the financial arena in several industries. He is
also a member of MENSA, a high IQ society that has 110,000 members worldwide
who qualify, (98% percentile). He’s had many years of personal
successful trading experience. He’s been running the non-profit Foundation we
are talking about since 2008.

Rob has a vision to raise up and mentor others on how to become wealthy.
These will in turn spend their money on alleviating hunger, homelessness,
deprivation of liberty etc. etc. I’ve communicated with him and shared my
vision to see Jesus’ Church established in the earth and he said his call was
similar, and based on Matthew 25:14-46. He has formed the Foundation for the
express purpose of building and equipping others to become financially

He has all the know-how including working with the top 1% traders in the
world, and his associations with capital raising organizations help his trainees
get started under his, and their, supervision. Even if you think you don’t have
the money to invest, he and his team will show you a way to get started.

Is this for you? I don’t know. God knows.

Should you look at it? Yes, you should. And then ask the Lord whether it’s for

Will it help you in your work for the Lord and His Kingdom in these final days? I
pray so. How I pray so. The harvest is not yet ready, and the Bride is not yet
ready. There is still much to be done.

What I’m sharing here today is up to you and God entirely. I’m not trying to
talk you into it. No one is going to pressure you or hassle you.

Is this of God? It seems to be. But you need to go before the Lord and ask him
whether it’s specifically right for you.

Here’s the link for more information.

I’m praying for you,

Your brother in Christ,

David Drew


Email: [email protected]

and more BACKGROUND: Scientology Front Group ‘Grodysh Int Inc (Haiti) now called Future of Haiti Organization

It’s no surprise, and I’ve written about it before: but John Travolta and Kelly Preston are continuing to donate tax free money from the non profit charity they started for their late son to Scientology. Of course, this is a little strange since Scientology’s beliefs may be what cost Jett Travolta his life, in the end. For years until the day Jett died the Travoltas insisted Jett was not autistic but suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome. He was not treated for autism as Scientology doesn’t allow treatment of mental or brain issues. Jett’s “manny” when he died wasn’t a trained nurse but a wedding photographer.

Nevertheless, the Travoltas remain devoted to the cause. According to the website for the foundation,, contributions have been made in 2013 to several different places. But one of them is Scientology’s questionable group in Haiti that’s recruiting poor people. And the other is the group that performs bogus “detoxification.”

The Haiti group is called GROup Dynamic for the Survival of Haiti. This group is run two prominent Scientologists, Leslie Hobbs and Claude Reginald Jean. There’s no mention on their website about Scientology, of course. But their address is in Clearwater, Florida, where all the other Xenu businesses are clustered.

The Form 990 filed by Jett Travolta Foundation omits any detail of where their money went last year. Charities are mandated to list their gifts and grants. But this foundation simply didn’t. The foundation just says it gave grants totaling $120,800.

But on their form 990 for 2012, GRODYSH acknowledges a recent $40,000 donation from the Jett Travolta Foundation. Their total revenue claimed in 2012 was $95,000 so that’s nearly half of what they took in.

And then there’s the International Detoxification Academy. The Jett Travolta Foundation has already donated money to them in 2013 and did so in 2011. Also in 2011, Jett Travolta Foundation donated funds to Narconon, and to Will Smith’s New Horizon School in Calabasas, California which teaches Scientology Study Tech curriculum.

and more BACKGROUND: Scientology Targets Haiti for Slave Labor


Tuesday Jan 12th, 2010 6:42 PM
The Scientology cult tries to convince poor Haitians they can come to the USA as Scientology clergymen. The reality is that they will live as virtual slaves.
The Scientology organization has increasingly targeted poor countries such as Haiti in its recruitment efforts. Why would this money-hungry crime-cult be interested in one of the world’s poorest countries? The answer: Because they want to bring Haitians in to the USA on “religious worker” visas to serve as unpaid laborers.Quoting at length from Scientology-affiliated newspaper theTampa Bay Informer:
Haiti, with its 75% unemployment rate, $15-$20.00 average income per week, 70% illiteracy, 10,000+ homeless in the capital and thousands of children living on the streets; is visibly a country less blessed than our own.
Taking matters into their own hands, three of Clearwater’s Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Cary Goulston, Mike Campbell and Brad Kugler—all who have businesses and families to care for—decided to reach outside their comfort zone and give relief to Haiti. After months of fundraising and preparation, they traveled to Haiti last month to deliver enough Kenaf seeds (a fast growing plant that is an ideal food and building source) to feed thousands of Haitians. Equally important are the educational tools the three provided to the people of Haiti. These tools were developed by L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) to further assist them in reversing their unprecedented rate of economic decline.
Cary Goulston was so inspired by the technology developed by Mr. Hubbard that he has been studying them intently over the last year. In his own words, he said, “I had to DO something. I had to get it out there. I had to disseminate. I have to help people. After discovering this technology, I got so super-charged, it was more difficult to go back to my ‘real life’ and what I had been doing before. Once you know what you learn from the L. Ron Hubbard books and tapes, there is no other choice than to bring it to the people and bring it large and loud.”

Originally from Boston, Cary Goulston is a hardcore Scientologist who has been in the cult since 1979. He serves the cult as a Field Staff Member (FSM), which means that he actually receives a commission – money – for every new person he brings in to begin indoctrination. On the Facebook social networking site, Goulston has created groups for the purpose of collecting money for recruitment trips to such countries as Burkina Faso, Ghana, Haiti, Morocco, and others. At the present time, Goulston’s main efforts are focused on Haiti, which is only an hour’s flight south of his Florida home. With his characteristic hyperbole, Goulston floods his Facebook “friends” with news about his Haiti activities. I will quote extensively from these insane and mendacious messages.

Thanks much. FANTASTIC EXPANSION IS HAPPENING. Thanks for being a part. I hope to have news for you daily. One big thing happening now is with Haiti. We are going back there with our Global Pioneers team to deliver seminars to over 1,500 people. We are going for 1,500 hours of auditing in one week and hopefully, that many starts. More incredible news. If you know anyone that can assist, I am trying to get help so we can leave in 1 1/2 weeks and this may be highlighted at a future Int Management Event.
727 488 7988
[email protected]
I would like to introduce and welcome an incredible Power House Pioneer and thetan, Mr. Claude Reginal Jean. He is a key member of Global Pioneers for Haiti. Reginald is the reason Haiti is such a success. Thanks to Reggie, and despite 80% of the country out of work, and no electricity most of the day, and no food, and many other barriers, through his work, and help, we have introduced over 5,000 people to Dianetics, gotten over 500 people started on Self Analysis and Dianetics Extension Courses and started over 40 new Co-audit groups since Nov. 2008. Reginald Jean is a true pioneer, and a very on purpose dedicated Scientologist. Please give a big round of applause to our friend and leader in Haiti.
Dear Friends,
We are going to Haiti to deliver seminars to 2,000. We need some help in terms of donations to cover our expenses since we are doing this completely volunteer and count on donations to make this happen.
We are going for a big big big expansion there. If you can help, please let me know. I surely can use it since we have to leave very soon.
Write to me at [email protected] and I can send you more details.
My Haiti Dissemination Team (GLOBAL PIONEERS) is going to Haiti with a Film Crew to film our Haiti expansion to be shown at a future event.
We plan to deliver seminars to 2,000 in 4 cities in one week. This is a huge opportunity to take our success around the world to help clear the planet faster.
* 6,000 New People Introduced to Dianetics
* 500 plus Extension Course Starts & 50 completions
* 50 New Dianetics Co-audit groups started.
* 500 Children Introduced to Study Tech
* Radio Shows reaching 3 million people.
We need to go back to Haiti in 7 days. We will be giving a week of seminars on Dianetics and Self Analysis and we are lined up for getting 2,000 people for our seminars and in session. We need your help. We are volunteers and are doing all this with no funding. We have to create our own funding. The cost of our trip to Haiti will be around $5,000. to fly to our team to two cities, hotel, car rental, food for seminar attendees so they are sessionable, etc. This is an incredible incredible opportunity to help export our success in Haiti around the world.
We need donations to make this happen.
Can you please help us by donating to this cycle. Please call me or write.
727 488 7988 [email protected]
* A Commendation from Management
* A video of our trip to Haiti
* A photo album of our trip.
* Thousands salvaged
Much Love,
Cary Goulston
Global Pioneers
727 488 7988
727 447 8004
[email protected]

Goulston has also created a web site for the “Haiti Dianetics Center.” The “educational tools” that Goulston and his pals are bringing to Haiti is a Scientology-based mode of instruction called “Study Technology,” dreamed up by L. Ron Hubbard. In Study Technology, it is proposed that the barriers to learning are a “lack of mass,” learning on “too steep a gradient,” and the “misunderstood word.” The result of a “lack of mass”:

A student who encounters this barrier will tend to feel squashed, bent, sort of spinny, sort of dead, bored and exasperated. He can wind up with his face feeling squashed, with headaches, and with his stomach feeling funny.

Too steep a gradient:

When one hits too steep a gradient, a sort of confusion or reelingness is experienced.

The misunderstood word:

Going past a word or symbol for which one does not have a proper definition gives one a distinctly blank or washed-out feeling. The person will get a “not there” feeling and will begin to feel a nervous hysteria. These are manifestations distinct from either of the other two barriers.

Scientology’s Study Technology is only used in Scientology schools by Scientologists. It doesn’t work. I’m certain that I haven’t felt “a nervous hysteria” when I’ve skipped over a word I didn’t understand. Professor David Touretzky has done an an excellent critical analysis of “Study Tech.” This bizarre “technology,” along with Scientology’s evil “bible” Dianetics, are all that Goulston and his friends are bringing to Haiti. That’s it. Naturally, extremely poor people living desperate lives try to grab hold of anything that looks like it could help them. Well, OK. What’s the evidence that Goulston is anything more than an overly-enthusiastic but misguided do-gooder who merely wants to help these poor people? Longtime anti-Scientology activist Jeff Jacobsen has done excellent research on the Scientology organization’s gaming of the “R-1 Religious Worker” visa for US immigration. Scientology has a cadre of “ministers” in a sort of paramilitary group called the “Sea Organization” or “Sea Org.” Sea Org members sign a “billion-year contract” of service to Scientology, and for about $40 per week, barracks housing, and meagre meals, perform a range of duties. Female Sea Org members are coerced into having abortions; dissident or disaffected Sea Org members are often sent to Scientology’s carceral re-education gulag, the “Rehabilitation Project Force” (RPF), where they may stay for a period of months or even years. Jacobsen’s research is well worth examination. Here is the crux of the issue.

Why would a religious group need to bring in workers to the United States? Why would the U.S. set up a special visa for such workers? The Homeland Security office, in regards to religious workers visas, states that “The applicant is entering the United States solely to carry on the vocation of a minister of that denomination, or, at the request of the organization, the applicant is entering the United States to work in a religious vocation or occupation for the denomination or for an organization affiliated with the denomination, whether in a professional capacity or not.” …. The U.S. has recently been revising the rules for such visas to make them more strict in order to avoid fraud. Homeland Security states that in 2005 about one-third of all R-1 applications were fraudulent. …. The Church of Scientology wrote against making the rules tighter. Glen Stilo, secretary of Scientology’s Flag Services organization in Clearwater, Florida, explained in a letter that he feared use of the visas will be restricted to strictly religious duties. “A small percentage of our religious order perform work at our retreat that may not be considered ‘religious functions,’ such as administrative work unique to the ministry section of our church, or upkeep of church property and grounds. However, all of these religious workers have taken lifelong vows, are performing functions in accordance with our scriptures and ecclesiastical orders, and are therefore working in accordance with their religious vocation regardless of the type of work they perform at CSFSO.” Yes, Scientology apparently needs to bring in foreigners to do menial labor. Stilo goes on to complain about many issues regarding the new rule proposals. One wonders why Scientology couldn’t find laborers from its members who are citizens of the U.S. so they could avoid all the paperwork and hassle required to bring in overseas workers.

Jacobsen goes on extensively with examples and personal stories of Scientology’s epidemic visa fraud, human trafficking, and human rights abuses in the guise of “religion.” The stories are quite harrowing, highly-detailed, and very well-documented. Cary Goulston’s plan to make Haitians into Scientology “ministers” and grunt-workers is frighteningly similar to Afro-Caribbean vodou traditions of zombies, the dead or apparently-dead persons who come to back to “life,” but without speech or free will. They serve for years as laborers to the priests or sorcerers who have enchanted them. Let’s look again at that clip from the Tampa Bay Informer:

After months of fundraising and preparation, they traveled to Haiti last month to deliver enough Kenaf seeds (a fast growing plant that is an ideal food and building source) to feed thousands of Haitians.Equally important are the educational tools the three provided to the people of Haiti. These tools were developed by L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) to further assist them in reversing their unprecedented rate of economic decline.

Kenaf, eh? That sounds delicious. What’s kenaf?

U.S. consumers are likely to find kenaf fiber in carpet backing and padding, a fiber mat in automobiles, roofing felt, fire logs, and cardboard. Copy machine paper made with kenaf and 30 percent post-consumer waste is also commercially available in the United States. In Japan, commercial products made from kenaf include hamburger wrappers, fast-food containers, and wallpaper. — US Department of Agriculture
Traditionally cultivated for cordage uses in Africa and Asia, some kenaf is used by small pulp mills primarily in countries like China, India, and Thailand…. Since the 1960’s, there has been increasing interest in kenaf as an annually renewable source of fiber for the manufacture of newsprint and other pulp and paper products in the United States and other countries. … Meanwhile, kenaf fibers are presently entering the market in soil-less potting mixes, animal bedding, oil absorbents, grass and flower mats, decorative fibers, and insulation. … Oklahoma research showed that kenaf leaf and petiole (non-stalk) portions of the plant were readily consumed by lambs… Where kenaf is grown in home gardens for fiber, the more tender upper leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten either raw or cooked. — Purdue University, Department of Horticulture

Well, it does appear that kenaf COULD be eaten, or at least “the more tender upper leaves and shoots” could be eaten. Nice of Cary and the boys to bring along a few pounds of kenaf seeds. “Hey guys, plant this new vegetable. You’re going to love it.” Meanwhile, dozens or hundreds of curious people attend Goulston’s Dianetics session in hopes of finding some way out of their poverty and desperation, and some few are groomed into accepting the idea of coming to the USA to serve as “ministers.” To people living minute-by-minute on the knife-edge of life and death, this might sound like an attractive offer. Please visit Jeff Jacobsen’s site for comprehensive and exceptionally well-documented research on the Scientology organization’s visa fraud and human trafficking activities. It is shocking that US federal authorities haven’t yet cracked down on the cult, but if enough people bring these issues to their attention, perhaps they will do something. More information:

by Fredric L. Rice

Wednesday Jan 13th, 2010 2:09 PM

Scientology is organized crime, that’s *all* these fucking crooks are. They’re out trying to rook and swindle money out of suckers, rubes, and marks while at the same time trying *anything* to improve their public relations image garnered after endless felony arrests, kidnappings, murders, human rights abuses, racketeering indictments, and Tom Cruise.Scientology routinely gets raided and indicted but because its top level crime bosses and ringleaders use patsy crooks to insulate themselves from prison, Scientology has not yet been rolled up and dismantled in many countries.Some countries have accurately and successfully classified the crime syndicate *as* organized crime and thus Scientology can’t swindle money from the citizens of those countries. Sadly the people of Hati have no defense against these fucking crooks.

and more BACKGROUND: Don’t panic Haiti, the Scientologists are coming!

For our good friends from the church of L Ron, it’s not so much a tragedy as an opportunity


Psychopath, conman, liar, fantasist, fraudster, bully, tax evader, megalomaniac – it’s fair to say L Ron Hubbard’s death was a blow to global humanitarianism. Happily, there is a silver lining to the cloud that has hung over Earth since the founder of Scientology shed his corporeal form in 1986. That silver- lining is the high profile, expansionist figures who represent his organisation today – and the good news is that they’re turning their thoughts to Haiti.

Were an idiot like you to itemise the myriad things that this most wretched of disaster zones currently lacked, chances are you’d omit “militant Scientologists who claim post-traumatic stress is a conspiracy created by the evil psychiatric profession, and who believe the correct response to extreme shock is to touch sufferers with one finger, before attempting to convert them to the ways of Hubbard”.

All I can say is, thank God for John Travolta. The Wild Hogs legend has unveiled his response to the unfolding crisis, announcing: “I have arranged for a plane to take down some Volunteer Ministers and some supplies and some medics.” For the medics and supplies John must obviously be thanked, but for the Volunteer Ministers – arriving in Haiti via Air Travolta along with scores from other Scientology churches – the same cannot be said.

According to an official press release, the corps will be on hand to dispense “spiritual first aid” to Haitians. Because really, nothing should feel more appropriate right now than gadding about Port-au-Prince offering survivors the chance to be hooked up to an e-meter. Hopefully if they find any gay people, they can begin curing them.

For the Volunteer Ministers, you see, a tragedy is not so much a tragedy as a tragitunity.

But please, don’t take Lost in Showbiz’s word for it – take that of L Ron himself, who personally decreed the strategy he called “Casualty Contact”, in which he advised Scientologists to scan newspapers for reports of accidents or bereavements, searching for “people who have been victimised one way or another by life”.

Stipulating that one way to do this was to trawl hospitals, Hubbard declared of the ambulance-chasing Scientologist that, “He should represent himself . . . as a minister whose compassion was compelled by the newspaper story concerning the person [. . .] However, in handling the press he should simply say that it is a mission of the church to assist those who are in need of assistance. He should avoid any lengthy discussions of Scientology and should talk about the work of ministers and how all too few ministers these days get around to places where they are needed. It’s straight recruiting!”

Casualty Contact has since modulated into the Volunteer Ministers programme, whose yellow tents are increasingly visible at high-profile disaster sites, and often enlivened by special appearances by their celebrity adherents. Within these tents Scientologists administer the aforementioned Touch Assists, whose purpose is to “speed the Thetan’s ability to heal or repair a condition with his body”.

After 9/11, aid agencies at Ground Zero voiced concern that the Volunteer Ministers had displayed their leaflets around the disaster site and operated in the restricted area without authorisation until this was pointed out to the police, who then denied them access. Two days after the tragedy, and presenting themselves as an organisation called National Mental Health Assistance, representatives of the Church of Scientology duped Fox News into running the church’s freephone number for five hours on the bottom of the screen, apparently in the belief that it was the official outreach hotline. Fox News removed it after an irate intervention from the real National Mental Health Association.

“The public needs to understand that the Scientologists are using this tragedy to recruit new members,” the president of the NMHA stated. “They are not providing mental health assistance.”

Au contraire, say the Scientologists, who claim they provide a unique brand of “meaningful help” during catastrophes. They were there after the tsunami, after Katrina – with added Travolta – and in Beslan, before being asked to leave after the local Russian health ministry judged their techniques unhelpful to already severely traumatised children.

And of course they were there after the 7 July attacks, when an undercover BBC investigation taped the leader of the London branch of the Church’s anti-psychiatry movement laughing that their role in the immediate aftermath of the bombings was “fighting the psychiatrists; keeping the psychs away [from survivors]”. One survivor who happened to have mental health training voiced his shock that Scientologists had attempted to recruit him and others.

What sort of numbers they’ll do in Haiti remains to be seen, but hats off to Travolta and the church leaders for deploying in this way. As for Scientology’s most famous face, do recall “the Mr Cruise response to 9/11″ – setting up the First New York Hubbard Detox project where firemen who had breathed in the World Trade Centre dust were encouraged to submit to the “Purification Rundown”, discarding their medication and taking endless saunas along with high doses of niacin, much to the despair of their doctors. Whether even Tom’s nuclear self-confidence extends to mooting the First Port-au-Prince Hubbard Detox Project, only time will tell.