THE FARM 42 CONSPIRACY THAT INVOLVED Franklin Madison, Joachim Burvall, a Ukrainian named Sergii Koverda (aka: Sergii Koveda) + “a longtime Clinton family operative” named Cody Shearer

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ABOVE LEFT – Franklin Madison
ABOVE RIGHT – Joachim Burvall
BELOW – Sergii Koverda (aka: Sergii Koveda)




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Franklin Madison + Joachim Burvall worked together at Nettli LTD






received August 31, 2017
In the Deutsche Bank letter it states that to close the transfer of the account we need to have the orignal owners in touch with DB. Please see below this mornings whatsapp conversation with the Russian agent and my Partner Franklin Madison. Sergii Koveda is our main agent between the Russian owners and DB. The messages are addressed to Franklin from Sergii.
Sergii works directly with the DB Bank Officer.
The Berlina Volksbank referred to is the bank owned by the Langenburg family of which I deal direct with Prince Philipp Albert Langenburg (known as Bert to his friends). I spoke directly with Bert this morning and we will establish the meeting with the DB Bank Officer and start to plan the transfer of funds for next week.
I suggest, knowing how these things work, that we allow we allow three weeks after this one before we have real access to funds for our use:
  • Monday coming we instigate transfer process with Sergii to get his DB people in full liaison with the receiving Bank Officer at Volksbank as well as schedule the transfer to take place, which will take most of the week;
  • The following week is switching on our business account at RBS Isle of Man and transfer funds into that account, and from there the three partners will internally transfer to individual accounts;
  • Finally is the transfer of working capital to the new business accounts in Antigua, which will take around four working days to clear.
  • These times are worse case as we are to use SEPA transfer process which can take just 24 – 48hours. But large amounts of funds do not transfer in a single amount but in tranches, each one of which has to be validated before the next tranche can transfer.
Whatsapp Messages to Franklin Madison from Sergii Koveda:
[8:21am, 8/31/2017] Franklin: I had a call from DB! I was asked to send them information shortly about the transaction what we need! The key point is that they should understand, who from Berliner Volksbank is responsible for the transaction and money! We need to show them all the scheme, how the bank monetize the funds, what is the cost for the transaction, which permisions or under which licence they can do that transaction, which responsible person on hi level bankers is present! Generally we need to show them that we are competent and we can provide monetization!

[8:21am, 8/31/2017] Franklin: They are asking everything and checking all info on the hi level of DB, BundesBAnk, ECB! If evrything is clear, we will come to the next step! My Banker in DB will ask the meeting with the Banker from Berliner Volksbank AG>

The requirements above have already been placed with Volksbank via Prince Philipp Langenburg.
                  St Johns
  Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
          Cell +1268 722 3283


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Franklin Madison + Joachim Burvall worked together at Eminova Capital + Investments LLC

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Franklin Madison + Joachim Burvall worked together at Eminova Capital + Investments LLC


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Cody Shearer is a “a longtime Clinton family operative” who has been described as a “free-lance political fixer” and “the Strangest Character in Hillary’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.” Cody Shearer allegedly worked with “Clinton enforcer Terry Lenzner to investigate and, at times, intimidate women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.”

Cody Shearer grew up in Southern California with his siblings Derek Shearer and twin Brooke Shearer. Their father, Lloyd Shearer, using the pen name Walter Scott, created the celebrity column in the front of Parade magazine, and their home, according to a 1971 Washington Post article, was “a kind of salon for political types and West Los Angeles’ tennis-playing intelligentsia.”


  • In 1998, Cody Shearer “was the subject of a State Department inspector general probe…after he allegedly conducted rogue negotiations that ’caused temporary diplomatic damage in Bosnia,’ according to documents obtained by Citizens United through the Freedom of Information Act.”[4]
  • In 1999, an article at the leftist magazine Slate described how news anchor Chris Matthews apologized after he implied that Cody Shearer had something to do with a bizarre encounter with former White House volunteer aide Kathleen Willey, who alleged in 1998 that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her on November 29, 1993. According to the article, “…shortly before she was to testify in the Paula Jones trial, Willey reportedly had a frightening encounter with a jogger near her house in Richmond, Va.–a complete stranger who nonetheless seemed to know quite a bit about Willey’s children, her car, and her cat.”

Meet Cody Shearer, the Strangest Character in Hillary’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy


And you thought Sidney Blumenthal was shady. Few people have heard of Cody Shearer, the unsanctioned diplomat, private eye, and Clinton flunky whose name surfaced in connection with the so-called intelligence reports Sidney Blumenthal was channeling to Hillary Clinton during her time at the State Department. But this shadowy fixture of the Clinton machine was everywhere in the 1990s — including war-torn Bosnia, where he became the subject of a State Department investigation after he represented himself as an agent of the U.S. government and took cash from a genocidal warlord.

Now evidence suggests Shearer, working with his partner Blumenthal, was up to something similar during the 2011 revolution in Libya. And like in the 1990s, the Clintons were lurking on the margins. Much of the intelligence contained in memos fed to the Clinton State Department by Blumenthal was not just self-serving — it was provided by someone with a history of misleading foreign sources, misrepresenting himself as an agent of the U.S. government, and creating trouble for both himself and the United States abroad.

Though often described as a journalist, Shearer hasn’t written much since the 1980s. His work, like that of his father, Lloyd Shearer, the former editor of Parade magazine, was often gossipy and reputation-ruining. A series of columns the younger Shearer wrote on the sexual proclivities of former Texas senator John Tower sank his nomination for defense secretary in 1989.

Shearer’s career took a strange turn when the Clintons entered the White House in 1992. His entrée into the first family’s orbit was Strobe Talbott, Shearer’s brother-in-law, who had been a friend of Bill Clinton since the president’s days at Oxford. Talbott served as a deputy secretary in Bill Clinton’s State Department; his brother-in-law took a different route, allegedly working with Clinton enforcer Terry Lenzner to investigate and, at times, intimidate women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.

But Shearer’s political intrigues in the ’90s extended beyond U.S. shores. In the middle of the decade, for reasons that remain unclear, he traveled to Europe to negotiate with associates of Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian-Serb president known to have orchestrated the mass killings of Bosnian Muslims — including the Srebrenica genocide — during the brutal Yugoslav Wars. Representing himself as an agent of the State Department, Shearer told his Serbian contacts, which included members of Karadzic’s family, that he could reduce the severity of impending war-crimes charges if Karadzic surrendered. He claimed he was in contact not only with his brother-in-law, but also with then-secretary of state Madeleine Albright and even with President Clinton himself.

“He said, ‘If you can show to my friends, meaning his brother-in-law and the president, that you can offer a serious line of negotiation, military action to capture Karadzic would not happen,’” the Serbian associate said, according to a 1999 Wall Street Journal article. A subsequent State Department investigation found that the Serbs paid Shearer at least $25,000 for his efforts, though the Serbs themselves claim he was paid much more.

Although Shearer’s negotiations on behalf of the U.S. government were unauthorized, the Wall Street Journal reported that Strobe Talbott knew of his brother-in-law’s activities at least one year before the State Department did and asked him to stop. He only felt compelled to do so, according to the Journal, because Shearer was erroneously informing his Serbian contacts that the U.S. supported a plan to partition Bosnia, not because he was conducting shadow diplomacy with a genocidal warlord.

David Bossie, now the president of the conservative political-action committee Citizens United, first uncovered Shearer’s role in the Bosnia negotiations as a GOP researcher on the House Oversight Committee in the 1990s. The State Department’s inspector general opened an investigation into Shearer’s actions in 1999, but it was never publicly released. “It was just one of those things that fell by the wayside,” says Bossie. “And then the Clintons leave office and it’s all forgotten.” Citizens United is now asking the State Department to release the investigation’s results.

Fast-forward 14 years and, in early 2011, as a State Department-sanctioned revolution against the Qaddafi regime in Libya was picking up steam, longtime Clinton consigliere Sidney Blumenthal was sending “confidential” intelligence memos to Hillary Clinton. He was touting leaders of the Libyan rebel movement with whom he had business dealings and pushing for the hire of private military contractors while working as an adviser to Osprey Global Solutions, a contracting company seeking to do business in Libya.

Shearer was aiding Blumenthal in these “intelligence-gathering” efforts. In one e-mail message from May 2011, first published by Gawker in March, Shearer appears to be serving as the liaison between Blumenthal and “Grange,” the former Army general and CEO of Osprey, as they attempt to organize a small team of contractors to conduct an unspecified mission to the Libyan border from Tunisia. He is also in frequent contact with “K,” a Libyan named Khalifa al Sherif who seems to be feeding Shearer intelligence reports from inside the Libyan revolutionary council. It’s not clear to what extent Clinton knew she was involving herself with Shearer — National Review was unable to contact Shearer, and the Clinton campaign did not reply to a request for comment. Bossie says the House Select Committee on Benghazi has been notified of Shearer’s past indiscretions in Bosnia and believes that history will prove instructive as to what he was up to in Libya — and on whose behalf.

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