Former Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck testified on the numerical anomalies in Arizona’s election results. He said the results violate Benford’s Law and a linear regression shows a pattern of vote manipulation, which shows that these results need to be investigated.

He also said the voting machines were built to be a part of a network and were connected to the internet.

Patrick J. Colbeck is an aerospace engineer, author, former elected official, and former candidate for governor in Michigan.

Colbeck is a graduate of Detroit Catholic Central High School. He later graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering for Aerospace in 1987 and a Masters of Science in Engineering for Aerospace in 1988.[6] He went on to study Life Sciences for a summer at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France.[citation needed]

Colbeck was employed by Boeing as a Senior Design Engineer responsible for components of the Environmental Control and Life Support System and Quest Airlock module for International Space Station. He later provided contract systems engineering services to the Department of Defense for work on advanced simulation system for training military forces.[7] Colbeck then served as a Management Consultant and President of Perspective Shifts, LLC. He launched Tek Made Easy in 2007 to provide SharePoint-based web services for clients. In 2006, he published the book Information Technology Roadmap for Professional Service Firms.[8]

In 2011, Senator Colbeck co-founded the MI Freedom Center (aka Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center) to serve military personnel, veterans and their families. As the chair of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs budget, he implemented performance-based budgets that helped improve Michigan veteran services from among the worst in the nation to #2 in the nation[15].