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ABOVE – David Gentile
BELOW – Mikhail Chernaya (aka: Michael Cherney)
Cherney is wanted on an Interpol international arrest warrant on allegations of money laundering and organised crime, but in June 2010 The Jerusalem Post reported that Cherney is preparing an application to contest it before the European Union Court of Human Rights.
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The law firms of Peiffer, Wolf, Carr & Kane and Meyer Wilson conducted a news conference today in which whistleblower Toni Caiazzo Neff laid bare allegations against GPB Capital and its Scientologist owner David Gentile.

Neff’s revelations include David Gentile’s ties to reputed Russian organized crime figure Mikhail Chernaya a/k/a Michael Cherney. From the news conference:

Russian crime connections. While the GPB Ponzi scheme formally began in 2013 the seeds of this fraud were sowed years before when David Gentile became involved with an Eastern European organized crime family headed by Michael Chernaya a/k/a Michael Cherney. Gentile’s relationship with Chernaya, his organization, and his family ultimately led to GPB’s first portfolio assets and GPB investor funds flowing to Chernaya’s organization, an organization that included David Gentile. Michael Chernaya’s ties to foreign crime syndicates, the mafia and Russian oligarchs are extensive and well-documented. He has been denied a visa by the United States. He has been barred from Bulgaria. Court documents reveal that although he is not in the United States, his two daughters, Rina and Diana Chernaya, live in Florida and have been the recipients of tens of millions of dollars from their father.

The complaint filed by the law firms names as defendants many of the people we have covered here on the Scientology Money Project including David Gentile, Manuel ViannaMacrina Kgil, Jeffry Schnieder, Mark Martino, and GPB official Michael Cohn who was recently arrested on felony obstruction of justice charges.

An excerpt from today’s press release:

NEW YORK CITY – November 6, 2019 – The whistleblower who uncovered connections to the Russian mob, outrageous conflicts of interest, and illicit funding sources in the course of her investigation into GPB Capital Holdings (GPB Capital) explained today at a national news conference how she reported it to market and federal regulators, and then learned that her analysis was likely turned over to the company by a now-indicted SEC official who took a job at GPB. At least $1.8 billion was run through GPB Capital, with most of the proceeds ending up in the pockets of principals, behind-the-scenes hidden partners, brokerage firms paid huge commissions, and a network of accountants. For more details see

David Gentile & Other Known Scientologists at GPB Capital:

1. Manuel Vianna is a Scientologist. He left GPB right after the FBI raid in February 2019. Vianna has been long associated with other Scientology entrepreneurs.

2. Brian Marshall of GPB’s Prime Automotive Group is a Scientologist.

Scientology, Scientologists, and Offshore Financial Activities

Our previous article on David Gentile and certain other Scientologists offers details of questionable activities — including $140 million in Iraqi money of which $14 million found its way into a Scientologist-owned stem cell company in The Bahamas.

The Church of Scientology has long been associated with white collar criminality. Indeed, Founder L. Ron Hubbard engaged in money laundering and income tax evasion. If one thinks of Scientology as a transnational criminal organization, and we certainly do, then the opportunities for money laundering become abundant. Scientology dba Dianetics has locations in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus, Medellin, Colombia and other places where an abusive and greedy American cult would not seem to be welcome. For several decades Scientology’s slush fund a/k/a the International Association of Scientologist was incorporated and based in Curacao.

Scientologist Reed Slatkin (1949-2015) orchestrated one of the then biggest Ponzi schemes in American history in the 1990’s. Slatkin’s Ponzi scheme netted about $600 million. CNBC covered the rise and fall of Reed Slatkin’s Ponzi scheme which ended in a prison sentence:

Scientologist Reed Slatkin’s $593 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme