Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: For all the citizens of Tantoyuca, Veracruz. Once again we demonstrate for everyone that our problem is not against innocent individuals. Here we have for all to see this scum who dedicated his life to selling crystal meth within the  plaza.

This plaza already has an owner. And it belongs to Grupo Sombra and no one else. We will continue to execute our enemies as soon as we capture them. We will also be coming after everyone else who is left.

And as for that piece of shit extortionists who likes to pass himself off as one of our own. The one who uses the # 789-159-38, you’ve already been located. And for everyone who supports you they already have their days numbered.

You can all fall into formation with us. Otherwise there will be consequences. Fidel this has kindly been your last warning. The next time we see you the fate of this scum will befall you. Lazcano this is also your second warning. Align yourselves with us.

Sicarios in unison all say: We are Grupo Sombra