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O.G. SHADOW OFFICIAL: El Chapo’s Son Alfredo Guzman’s Home + Car Collection

O.G. SHADOW OFFICIAL: Mexican Police Block The Military With Their Cars To Help El Mencho’s (CJNG) Sicarios Escape

SWEET WEAPON FOR PERSONAL SECURITY: Masterpiece Arms mini 9mm (MAC 11 Clone)

STATE OF PUEBLA, MEXICO: CJF BANNED CARLOS LORANCA MUNOZ FROM BEING A JUDGE FOR 15 YEARS DUE TO UNEXPLAINED CASH, his ties to an oil theft ring headed by Othon Muñoz Bravo (aka: El Cachetes)

BLOOD CIGARETTES: MARLBORO’S MAN – PHILIP MORRIS’ REPRESENTATIVE (Apollinaire Compaoré) IN BURKINA FASO IS A KNOWN CIGARETTE SMUGGLER – For years Apollinaire Compaoré, one of the country’s richest men, has been trafficking cigarettes across West Africa.

BLOOD CIGARETTES: BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO FIGHTS DIRTY IN WEST AFRICA – Billions of cigarettes, most made by BAT, are smuggled north through Mali every year on their way to the gray markets of the Sahel + Northern Africa.

VICE NEWS 2021: ON THE FRONT LINE OF MEXICO’S FOREVER WAR AGAINST THE CARTELS – “You’ve found the heart of the mafia,” one cartel member in the state of Michoacán told us. “If I were you, I wouldn’t have come here.”

USA DNI: SAUDI PRINCE (Mohammed bin Salman, aka: MBS) APPROVED BARBARIC MURDER of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey

NEW YORK (USA): IN 2021, SIGNATURE BANK CLAWED BACK $2.2M PPP LOANS IT MADE TO GPB CAPITAL HOLDINGS (which allegedly bilked $1.8B from its investors) AFTER DECLARING ITS PPP LOANS IN DEFAULT DUE TO SEC + 8 STATE AG CIVIL LAWSUITS, USA DOJ CRIMINAL INDICTMENT OF ITS SCIENTOLOGY OWNER DAVID GENTILE for securities fraud, wire fraud + conspiracy. Now, GPB Capital Holdings is suing Signature Bank for the return of the $2.2M in PPP money.