Bond totals for Scientologists awaiting their criminal trials. This speaks to the culture of crime and the cover ups of crime within the Church of Scientology: 

1. Danny Masterson:  Three Counts of Felony Rape. $3,300,000 bond.

2. Dr. Dennis Nobbe: Healthcare fraud, money laundering. $200,000 bond.

3. Leo Hamel: Illegal gun sales. $250,000 bond.

4. Hanan Islam:  MediCal Fraud. $250,000 bond.

5. Rizza Islam: MediCal Fraud. $100,000 bond.

6. Jeffrey Spina: Medicare Fraud. $200,000 bond.

7. Jay Spina: Medicare Fraud. $200,000 bond.

8. Kim Spina: Medicare Fraud. $100,000 bond.

* Michael Cohn:  Obstruction of Justice charge related to his employment at Scientologist-owned GPB Capital. $250,000 bond.

Total: $4,500,000 in bonds for Scientologists out on bond awaiting criminal trial.

* Although Michael Cohn is not a Scientologist we include him in the total as his arrest occurred in the course of his obtaining employment at GPB Capital Holdings.