ABOVE + BELOW – Vusi Nova



Afropop star Vusi Nova, 34, appeared in the Specialised Commercial Crime Court yesterday over allegations that he defrauded an elderly Joburg couple.

Nova faces nine counts of fraud and one count of money laundering, along with another person, adding up to almost a million rand.

It is alleged Nongxa and his co-accused, Jonathan Searle, 45, allegedly defrauded the late Leon Kruger and his wife, Catharina Johanna Kruger, between 2011 and 2014.

Searle is accused of creating a fake persona for himself, telling the late couple that he was Dr Joseph Safra, the chairperson of Safrasa Investments, and that Nongxa was the managing director.

Searle then proceeded to offer the couple fake jobs at Safrasa, getting them to sign employment contracts that were also allegedly signed by the Sama-winning musician.

After signing, the Krugers paid about R830 000 into Safrasa’s account between 2011 and 2012, and Searle borrowed a further R55 000 from the Krugers as a loan to assist Nongxa with family problems.

Despite the payments, the Krugers never received their jobs, salaries, benefits and shares from Searle and Nongxa or Safrasa. It was also revealed that Searle was not Dr Safra, but is Aeghatidis Andreas Socrate, according to the department of home affairs.

Leon Kruger passed away in June 2015.

Nongxa’s role in the case is yet to be determined. He is currently out on bail, while Searle remains in custody.