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ISBN 9781626343719
Hardcover, 344 pages

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The Devil is in the Banking Details

As a private banker working for the largest bank in the world (UBS), Bradley C. Birkenfeld was an expert in Switzerland’s shell-game of offshore companies and secret numbered accounts. He wined and dined ultrawealthy clients whose millions of dollars were hidden away from business partners, spouses and tax authorities.  As his client list grew, Birkenfeld lived a life of money, fast cars, and beautiful women, but when he discovered that UBS was planning to betray him, he blew the whistle to the US Government.

The Department of Justice scorned Birkenfeld’s unprecedented whistle-blowing and attempted to silence him with a single charge of conspiracy. Yet Birkenfeld would not be intimidated. He took his secrets to the US Senate, the Securities and Exchange Commission ,and the Internal Revenue Service, where he prevailed.

His bombshell revelations helped the US Treasury recover over $15 billion (and counting) in back taxes, fines and penalties from American tax cheats. But Birkenfeld was shocked to discover that at the same time he was cooperating with the US Government, the Department of Justice was still doggedly pursuing him. He was arrested, pled guilty, and served thirty months in federal prison.  When he emerged, the Internal Revenue Service gave him a whistle-blower award for $104 million, the largest such reward in history.

A true, real-life thriller, Lucifer’s Banker is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the secret Swiss banking industry and a harrowing account of our corrupt justice system. Readers will follow Birkenfeld and share his outrage with the incompetence and corruption at the Department of Justice, and they will cheer him on as he ”hammers” one of the most well-known and powerful banks in the world.