ROLF IGNATIUS JOHANNES VAN ROOIJEN (aka: Roelof van Rooyen, Rolf van Roouen, Roelof van Rooyen Rodine). As director of Eastech International Bank, van Rooyen, 59, was named in United States courts as linked to a covert $223 billion fund used to finance CIA black operations and launder money known as “Project Hammer”. It was in Southern Africa that Eastech International Bank – the successor to Nugan Hand Bank – made its bones.

The Nugan Hand Bank developed in that grey area of the intelligence community involving alumni, assets, allies, and affiliated companies that handle much of the CIA’s covert work. Although not a propriety of the agency like the Castle Bank and Trust of Nassau, Bahamas, Nugan Hand was started by and filled up with CIA alumni and personnel. Frank Nugan, a drunk, mediocre lawyer from Australia with a wildly exaggerated resume teamed up with ex CIA operative and Green Beret Michael Jon Hand who had experience in Vietnam and with the Hmong guerrillas of Laos. The third major player in the beginning and direction of the bank was a mysterious expatriate from Texas named Bernie Houghton who was much alive in intelligence community. Many of the actions involved with the bank are shrouded by destroyed records and sudden deaths, but two things remain certain: 1) The bank employed many retired CIA operatives 2) They were heavily involved with drug trafficking.