Crowned thief Dzhemo complains about conditions in prison "while people who steal billions are placed under house arrest"

ABOVE + BELOW – Crowned Thief Dzhemal Mikeladze (aka:Dzhemo)



Present family name: MIKELADZE
Forename: DZHEMAL
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 13/06/1975 (41 years old)
Place of birth: GEORGIA, Georgia
Language spoken:
Nationality: Georgia

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Russia and Italy have agreed on transfer details for the crowned thief Dzhemal Mikeladze. The kingpin who has been released the Russian prison hopes to soon be placed under house arrest at his Italian villa.

The Zavodskoy District Court of Kemerovo has issued a decision on Dzhemal Mikeladze’s (Dzhemo) extradition to Italy. Thus the request of the Italian Ministry of Justice was granted. At the court hearing, the kingpin himself insisted on extradition, complaining that he had to stay in jail, while Governor Aman Tuleyev’s deputies accused of corruption remained under house arrest. “Here, in the Kemerovo region, the people who have stolen billions, are placed under house arrest, while I have to sit in the basement,” Dzhemo said.

Crowned thief Dzhemal Mikeladze was released from the Kemerovo penal colony №5 at the beginning of 2016. He was serving a 3-year sentence imposed by the court as punishment for drug trafficking. According to the CrimeRussia, other defendant’s in the so-called Italian case, apart from Mikeladze, are crowned thieves Chkhvindi, Tsripa or Buja. His alleged accomplices were sentenced to 15 years in Italy and put on the international wanted list.

Once Dzhemo was released, he was met by the MIA Criminal Investigation Department staff and taken to one of the Kemerovo regional courts, which would determine his fate. Despite the fact that the decision on his extradition to Italy was made back then, the request of the Italian Ministry of Justice could not be granted because the matter of expenses for the transfer had not been resolved. In addition, before the end of Dzhemo’s prison term, he was deprived of the Russian citiczenship at the initiative of the Interior Minister and declared persona non grata in Russia.

In Italy, he was accused of creating a criminal association, extortion, bribery, money laundering, and forging documents. In April 2016, the court sentenced him in absentia to 15 years in prison. However, his lawyers managed to soften his sentence in absentia in Italy to 2 years and 2 months in prison. On January 17, 2017, this verdict will also be appealed, Kommersant reported.

Mikeladze himself and his lawyer Sharbatullo Sodikov insisted on extradition. He explained that during the prisoner’s defense sent dozens of appeals to the Italian authorities in 9 months, asking to decide the fate of Dzhemal Mikeladze swiftly.

Eventually, it was decided that the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service would transfer Dzhemo from Kemerovo to the Domodedovo airport in Moscow and escort him to a plane of the Alitalia airlines. The crowned thief would be transferred to the Italian employees of Interpol on the runway. Having established identity of Dzhemal Mikeladze, the recipient would check his health, and sign a special act. It was also noted that the Russian handcuffs would be replaced with those brought from Italy.

The exact date of Dzhemo’s transfer is not mentioned for security reasons. Mikeladze’s relatives and lawyers will be notified only when he is delivered to the Italian city of Bari. The defense hopes that the local court will put the kingpin not in jail, but under house arrest at his villa, since the lawyers insist on Mikeladze’s innocence.

Dzhemal Mikeladze was one of the leaders of a mafia clan, which fought against Ded Hassan. A month after Aslan Usoyan had been murdered in 2013, Dzhemo was detained in Moscow with drugs and three grenades. After the arrest, according to the CrimeRussia, Dzhemo was informally questioned as part of the criminal case into Ded Hasan’s murder. However, his involvement in this crime could not be established.

A source of the CrimeRussia previously provided the editorial staff with exclusive documents relating to Dzhemo’s extradition to Italy.