DID SCIENTOLOGY DECLARE MEMBER KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN “TYPE B” (A Criminal)? She was a serial fraudster, upfront fee scammer, seller of phony bank instruments + now is a senior member of OCG behind the names MANNA WORLD HOLDING TRUST (cyber bank robbers), LIFE FORCE + UNITED NEWS CHANNEL (upfront fee fraudsters).

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ABOVE – KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN (aka: Kim Goguen, Krimstie, Ms Manna, Kim Possible, Kristie Adams, Queen Ms L, Me Kung Ho, Empress the Chinese Younger)

As a consequence of what was discovered during KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN‘s seurity checks, the Church of Scientology would have very likely labeled her a “Type B” which stands for “Criminal.

L. Ron Hubbard defined a Type B as follows:

b. Criminals with proven criminal records often continue to commit so many undetected harmful acts between sessions that they do not make adequate case gains and therefore should not be accepted for processing by organizations or auditors.

Hubbard was emphatic that Type B’s “should not be accepted for processing by organizations or auditors.”

L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology Type B security check questions would have been asked when KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN was on the e-meter:

B-1. Do you have a criminal record?
B-2. Have you committed any crimes for which you have not been caught?
B-3. Are you currently doing anything bad?
B-4. Do you have any debts to any persons antagonistic to Scientology?

GOGUEN would have also been asked dozens, or even hundreds, of other questions when Scientology was sec-checking her.

See our previous article on Scientology’s infamous A-J security check.

Is KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN a Grade III on Scientology’s Grade Chart?

Hubbard’s rules would not allow KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN to go any further up the Bridge once she was classified a Type B.



BELOW LEFT TO RIGHT – 2 OF HER SENIOR LIEUTENANTS: STEFFEN ROWE (aka: Steven Rowe, Tank), THOMAS MELVILLE (associate of Michael Bagley 2019 arrested by FBI for money laundering, convicted + sentenced to 4 years in Fed prison

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sergei broukovski
ABOVE – SERGEI BROUKOVSKI (aka: Sergei Brukovsky) — (South Africa)

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ABOVE – KIMBERLY ANN GOGUEN (aka: Kim Goguen, Krimstie, Ms Manna, Kim Possible, Kristie Adams, Queen Ms L, Me Kung Ho, Empress the Chinese Younger)

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ABOVE – STEFFEN ROWE (aka: Steven Rowe, Tank)
BELOW – Alan James (aka: Alan Maher, Alan James Maher), Host on YouTube of Open Your Mind (OYM) show, also, Circle of White Light show (Ireland)

ABOVE – AVA COWAN (Nevada, New York, Colorado)
BELOW – PAUL SHELTON (aka: Paul Yokoyama), disbarred Illinois lawyer

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lisa thomas


Sergei Broukovsky (aka: Sergei Brukovsky) — (South Africa)
Kimberly Ann Goguen (aka: Kim Goguen, Kim Possible, Ms Manna, Krimstie) — (Arizona, Colorado, Michigan)

Sanford Ellis — (Maryland)
Raul de la Hoya — (California)
Karilyn Youngman — (Florida)
Blair West (fugitive from charges in Liberia) — (New York)
Xan Carvan — (Alabama)
Steve Mitcham — (Georgia)
Thomas Williams — (Florida, Colorado)
BELOW – Holly Hakes-Peterson — (Iowa)
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Thomas Melville — (New York)
Steffen Rowe (aka: Tank) — (New York)
Dan Lutz — (Philippines)
Tui — (Fiji)
Paul Shelton (aka: Paul Yokoyama) –(Illinois)
Kaz — (Australia)

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ABOVE – Lewis E. Taylor III — (Florida)
Jesper Ellermann (aka: Michael Uriel )

BELOW – Michael Bagley — (Virginia), arrested July 2019 by USA FBI for money laundering,
sentenced December 2019 t 4 years in FED prison

Julian Tejeda — (Spain)
Pedro Arboleda  — (Ecuador) 

Randy Maugans — (Pennsylvania)
Pierfrancesco Da Col – (Italy)
Bayemoussa Xing – (Senegal)
Fabio Cioni — (Italy)
Lisa Edwards
Elisha England — (Kentucky)
BELOW – Michele Hancsak — (Arizona)
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Todd Heaps — (USA)

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tolly williams 12

ABOVE – TOMMY WILLIAMS (aka: Thomas Williams) – former house painter, clinically diagnosed as psychotic


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