DO YOU KNOW A CANADIAN NAMED BARRIE WAMBOLDT (Citibank employee) + HOW WAS HE INVOLVED in Project Hammer accounts at Citibank?



.. who lived or lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was said to have high level connections with major Banks and players on the Stock market in Canada. At time of writing (2001) Wamboldt is thought to be 55 years or more in age.

These payments were said to have been part of the proceeds of Hammer, an interest pay off for the year 1997 in December 1997 – the last (but deniable) movement on the account/s. The claimants were paid by the Bank of America via the Bank of Montreal in their Winnipeg office, allegedly “to take a little pressure off the Canadian government”.

The Hammer funds would be hidden in Citibank off- ledger account, escaping detection in suspense in spite of inspections. A means of evasion was to alter the account number/s to a manageable degree, with details known only to the custodian / “trustor”(sic).

Corresponding Banks to Citibank New York are, according to Wamboldt’s schematic:

Bank of America, Toronto, Canada USD 50 Bn.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada
USD 5O Bn.
Security Pacific Bank, Los Angeles, California USD 50 Bn.

Federal Reserve USD 100 Mn.

Sub- Total: (USD 151 Billion)

Not included in Wamboldt’s schematic, but claimed for Eastech Bank and Eastcorp by Stander and Van Rooyen, and confirmed by Canadian auditors MCI VOR and Associates, is;
Bank of Mexico USD 100 BN

(Total USD 251 Billion?)

erle cocke

ABOVE – Brigadier General Erle Cocke Jr (Father – Erle Cocke Sr., a former chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation + past President of the American Bankers Association).

Brigadier General Erle Cocke Jr was “a central player in the CIA covert finance entity, Nugan Hand Bank, and was an adviser to every President from Truman through Clinton, as well as being a former alternate Executive Director of the World Bank. Despite this no one appears to knows who General Cocke was. Not the CIA, nor John S Reed, former Citibank CEO & Chairman and accused by General Cocke of being the key man in Project Hammer.

In a 67-page sworn deposition (SEE BELOW) given in April 2000, just a few days before his death from cancer, General Cocke stated for the record that he used to be debriefed by the CIA following his overseas business trips.

BELOW – ROLF IGNATIUS JOHANNES VAN ROOIJEN (aka: Rolf van Rooyen, Roelof van Rooyen, Rolf van Roouen, Roelof van Rooyen Rodine, Rolf Rondine)






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