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The cheater and scammer Robert Adolf Mathilde Stitzinger together with a multitude of cozy dairy cows of the species “OFFSHORE” behind the commercial building of Fiscal Evasion Forge FIRST ADVISORY GROUP in the Wuhrstrasse 6 to Vaduz in Liechtenstein.
Several “tax allergic person” Robert Stitzinger has already brought to the dodgy bookmakers and figures of the FIRST to time just to establish a shell company with the aim to make them slim down from the unhealthy and overpowering monetary overweight – caring just as Robert Stitzinger is in health matters.

In the Web and in the print media, there are thousands of reports to tax evasion, money laundering and financial fraud amounting to millions about the company complex FIRST and its founder and pioneer Herbert Batliner – His very special talents were also taken by prominent figures. Above all, ex-Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl, a welcome guest of Herbert Batliner in order to hide donations and to conceal its origin.

  1. Dear fellows. From Salzburg and Upper Austria, some information has been leaked to me about the cheater and scammer Robert Adolf Mathilde Stitzinger.

    Striking features of the person of Robert Stitzinger are his charismatic behavior and his high power of persuasion with which he extols his financial products. On the other hand Stitzinger is a pronounced narcissist, which is not immediately recognizable. However the behavior of Stitzinger is symptomatic for an impostor.

    Stitzinger brags with his fortune reportedly available in the hundreds of millions, and mentioned in the same breath that he would pay basically no taxes. He was a banker and would now henceforth after he had hung his banker job on the nail, be active as a trader in the high finance and private placement. Clients, he promises exorbitant returns, which would produce a multiple of investment capital, mind you – every week!

    As the two Austrians further reported, there should now be some investors who have been waiting several months for their payments. Stitzinger generally requires the investors to transfer their capital to HSBC Hong Kong into the account of his company “Grant Atlantic Limited” where Stitzinger is sole authorized signatory.

    Currently Robert Stitzinger and his wife Monika hide themselves respectively conceal their actual center of life. There should be some customers who have paid a six-figure sum to Stitzinger and received nothing in return. Before this ominous Robert Stitzinger can only warn to do any money transactions with him.

    The two Austrians have sent me the requirements for participation in the money-making model of Stitzinger and a blank agreement. I will forward it direct to you

    So great caution before Stitzinger , give him no money, he is an impostor.


  2. I heard also about this guy here in munich. He knows people,who are in neonazi organisations and meet in my town. One of my friends met a certain Mario Mayr from austria, who joins these meetings. He told her about a friend called Robert Stitzinger, who has an own plane etc. Some people here where short to invest there, thanks god, it didn’t happen !!!

    Sissi O.

  3. This egghead has been my brother in law. He took away more than 100.000 euro from me and i am still haunting him. Finaly i will get back what belongs to me. I hope he will end in jail for the rest of his life.

  4. Mr Stitzinger took away more than 100.000 euro from me. I like te have contact with the person who made this website !



    • Leslie Walton & Stanley Simon for Admin

    It is time for an update to the notorious fraudsters and repeat offenders ROBERT ADOLF MATHILDE STITZINGER. At this point, all the people and investors deceived and defrauded by Stitzinger be thanked, who provided us with information and other pieces of evidence.
    Since about 12 years Robert Adolf Mathilde Stitzinger runs his fraudulent financial transactions by damaging investors their cash and misappropriatimg it for his own lavish living and his “current Lady”. The predetermined return promise (a multiple of the funds paid) Stitzinger nnever paid back.
    His only goal is to tap the money of investors and to make then subsequently out of the dust. Even his own relatives he cheated to six-figure amounts of cash. By longer calls with defrauded investors by Robert Stitzinger was repeatedly confirmed that Robert Stitzinger was already 18 months in prison for his money scams.
    The deceived relatives offend and despise him in due fashion for his crimes.

    Present court documents show that Robert Stitzinger was sentenced in the Netherlands, as well as in Romania because of his fraud and he must repay the embezzled funds, even to his relatives! Stitzinger are always pretend to be an ex-banker and trader. This was all lied but, as his own relationship reported. Robert Stitzinger was only a third-rate insurance and real estate agent in Holland and has never completed a banking business education.
    A sense of guilt does not exist at Stitzinger. It is so that Stitzinger, that risk imprisonment factored and prefer dismounts the offense than to give the deceived customers the money back.
    He hides behind various shell companies and wraps to cover up his true whereabouts about these offshore companies.
    The Justice in Bucharest announced that Robert Stitzinger (Dutch citizen, born in Maastricht) meanwhile Romanian citizenship adopted. Maybe that was accompanied with the marriage of the current stage life partner, the 20-year younger Romanian Monika (Born in Romania). Along with her “Robert” she lived and consumes from the bona fide customer investment capital.

    The official registered address of Robert Adolf Mathilde Stitzinger is according to the present court documents of Justice from Bucharest:
    BL. S24, SC 2, ET. 8, AP 61, SECTOR 3,

    Stitzinger and his wife hide themselves because she know that there are creditors who are the cheaters Robert Stitzinger on the heels and want to recover their paid him money.
    The origin of the funds which Robert Stitzinger acquired for offshore companies and properties will be also elicited in this context. The probability is extremely high that Robert Stitzinger used stolen customer funds for the payment of the acquisition cost of its property.
    Among other things, the following offshore company of Robert Stitzinger have become known and about this SHELL’s he wound then his fraudulent financial transactions from.

    East-West Limited
    Mameyland Valley Limited
    Grant Atlantic Limited
    Miami International Bank Limited

    For the place of registration (headquarters) of his shell companies Robert Stitzinger selects mostly non-European countries, such as Panama, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, but it is sometimes also the Principality of Liechtenstein for his dirty financial transactions be considered.

    It is in the tens of millions of investor funds to which Robert Stitzinger has deceived the gullible customers over time.

    It is high time that Robert Stitzinger goes to jail. As an ex-convict he is thoroughly familiar with the agenda of these institutions.
    Last but not least: If you have more information about Robert Adolf Mathilde Stitzinger and its environment or fraud helpers, please let us know.