Arkansas conservation officer Mike Neal gets into an epic shootout at seven feet with a father and son duo of sovereign citizens who had just killed two West Memphis police officers and wounded two deputy sheriffs.

May 20, 2010 was going to be ‘just’ an office day for Arkansas Game and Fish conservation officer Michael Neal. Up most of the night working a second job to make ends meet, Mike was looking forward to a relaxing day. When he got back into his Game and Fish truck at 11:45 AM, multiple radios were buzzing with “Officer Down” – the call no law enforcement officer wants to hear.

Two West Memphis, Arkansas police had been shot and killed during a traffic stop by a father and son team of dangerous sovereign citizens. The suspects were spotted by two sheriff deputies in a Wal Mart parking lot. The suspects shot both deputies, critically wounding one. The escape was stopped by Michael Neal, who rammed their vehicle at 55 mph, getting into a deadly shootout at seven feet with both suspects. This is a chilling story you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Below are pictures and videos of Mike’s fateful day. Watch the videos with discretion – they are very intense for younger readers.