This event occurred on February 5th but video was released this week on social media. The footage was captured by one of the Santa Rosa de Lima enforcers who used a Go-Pro camera. One of the cartel enforcers has a green laser sight on this weapon.

The aggression was against members of CJNG. In the recording the aggressors are heard shouting “El Marro !, El Marro!”,  the name of the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, who is in a violent war in Guanajuato with El Mencho and CJNG relating to  “huachicol” in the state.


ABOVE – Nemesio Oseguera (aka: El Mencho), leader of Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG)

The attack occurred in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, in which 5 men were killed.

The murders were in a tire repair shop located in the colonia “20 of November”, where armed men burst in and opened fire.

The gunmen arrived to the shop in two white trucks and exited the vehicles wearing bulletproof vests, running towards the tire shop shouting the order of: “Down! Go inside!” and between weapons bursts they advance. One of them, with a yellow shirt, shoots a man twice who was lying on the ground outside the shop.

To gain entry, one of the men drove a truck in reverse and crashed into the building.

Sicario #1: Get down! Go inside, go inside, go inside! Who’s left? Sicario#2: That faggot ran that way, that faggot ran that way. Sicario #1: Go inside! Knock down that wall, knock down that wall! Sicario #3: The fence, the fence! Sicario #1: Son of a bitch! This motherfucker! (He’s complaining about that mad dash reverse) Go forward, forward,forward! What do you see? What do you see fucker? Sicario #2: There’s nothing. Sicario #3: There’s nothing. Sicario #2: I’m coming along on this side, I’m coming along on this side. Sicario #1: I’m on this side, I’m on this side of the van fucker. Anything? Sicario #2: Nothing. Sicario #1: Lets go! Look back, look back. Man, this motherfuckers crazy the way he knocked down that wall! Let’s go, let’s go! – Trnaslation by Sol Prendido

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ABOVE + BELOW – El Marro


  1. Wow they hit some guys standing around a tire shop with no guns that is very impressive. As soon as CJNG is finished in Michoacan they are going to go full force into Gunajuato and Guerrero. Michoacan is 70% CJNG or friendly forces they just need Buenavista, Aguillila, Urupan, Ario de Rosales. In all 4 municipalities CJNG or friendly forces are making incursions on a weekly bases.


  2. Apatzingan tambien no

  3. I dont understand, CJNG will fall in Michoacan?

  4. primero que limpie jalisco. y de ahi veremos

  5. Put ur pom poms down my guy

  6. 2:39 so ur saying that mencho dont even got his hometown yet haha what a shame…as far as i know apatzingan doesnt belong to cjng…mencho should send all his crews, delta teams etc to jalisco where his getting his sweet butt kicked by el cholo

  7. 7:12 Do you feel the same way about Mayo not being able to do anything to chapo Isidro there’s still damaso leftovers working in Sinaloa. Mayo can’t even control his own state with the help of every government official

  8. 7:34 a nerve was pinched by 7:12 haha..

  9. @7:12 apatzingan is not his home town. Naranjo De Chila…G.C.

  10. Wasting their brand new trucks with reckless abandon and showing their beautiful expensive weapons to kill a few llanteros over huachicol, looks suspicious, makes me want to know who really owns the Salamanca refinery and huachicol, Vicente Fox’s stepsons? Marthtita Sahagun’s children love to satisfy their greed and they are called the bribiesca Brothers, their uncle Francisco Sahagun Vaca was a former federal police torturer and murderer that had to resign because his many crimes got exposed, visit his Tumba Olvidada, by Hector De Mauleon


  11. Sounds like the leader of the squad wanted to kill the driver of the truck ….si me embargo he probably did.

  12. Cjng is all numbers and hype, you mencha nit lickers love saying cjng taking over all the plazas, the truth is cjng has presence in a lot of entities but they’re getting there ass handed to them, cjng ain’t shit with out them teaming up with a local cartel or else they’d get smashed on even faster, we’re are there special forces in Guanajuato? ahahah, what about TJ? Ranas and Aquiles are still strong and yet they teamed up with the AFO remnants? What about Juarez? Gente nueva is still strong on that side, don’t get me started with Jalisco, if it wasn’t for El 85 getting out cholo would’ve took all of Jalisco but he took the most important aplaza which is colima, I’m sorry but cjng is just a bunch of overhyped cafeteras and michicanas

  13. Stolen truck ese, thought u knew

  14. White brand new Toyota trucks were the hallmark of the ISIS land grab, they robbed banks, refineries, and whole cities, sold huachicol to the turks and mounted weapons on the trucks, then said they found them buried in the sand where saddam hussein left them for his outlawed armies to fight another day, now allied with Erik Prince,
    –same shit happening in Mexico, all the weapons and brand new trucks stolen or taken from enemy cartels by ignorant maruchaneros and huachicoleros high on methamphetamines the government can’t defeat

  15. I have a strong feeling those trucks are stolen

  16. What an idiot…doors are on hinges not a barricade. He’s gonna leave the truck without doors too. Lmao‍♂️


  17. Smart guy thats a stolen truck. No fg

  18. Not that big of an idiot how he was able to straighten it out last minute before taking down the tree. I bet you would of went straight to the wall lol

  19. Seriously???…people are on here defending the driving abilities of these murderers in the video. No wonder Mexico has issues. Seems like half it’s population is as stupid as 7:17 and sees these thugs as heroes.

  20. What do you think guys? Is this a safe house? El Marro and Cjng are giving an incredible fight.I’m trying to solve the motivation of the Santa rosa lima cartel. El marro is extremely daring.


  21. There was a truck with a mounted machine gun in the garage.

  22. I think it was a safe house by the newer model cars in the big shed, possibly stolen cars. I do think the guys they killed were just innocent guys who were lending that place to the sicarios while they continued their small tire shop business, they werent armed, this happens alot in mexico with poor locals getting caught in the mess and paying for it worse.

  23. 506 lending the tire shop to sicarios? Yes that shows ones involvement. They’re not getting killed for singing too loud in the choir now are they?

  24. Oops Wrong shop!


  25. Go pro stock will be on the uptrend after this useful video. I’ll beterr buy go pro stock soon.


  26. Menchos people are falling like flies. He cant even beat the Huachicoleros lol


  27. Michoacanos stay barking but in the battle field they have always been food,Mencho was a sinaloa ass cleaner , Jalisco a sicario is kicking their michoacan asses out of there lol now respect and admiration to guanatos and marro who has proven more action than words quality over quantity puro santa rosa viejo michocanos stay barking


  28. Calm down gaunajoto those people that were killed are not even CJNG just lames claiming sides. Con los Michoacanos no te la acabas Tarascos are the main tribe tu mero padre pinche mocoso cagado

  29. 5:35 calmate paisa de seguro te dio diabitis vali. Pero eso de guanajoto was good lol

  30. No wonder coward mencho put a narco manta claiming it was marro i guessed after all they really are getting their faces smashed and are begging for the government help


  31. I bet you got beat up by a michoacano huh lol

  32. If this was cjng sicarios all the michocanos cheerleaders would have been saying this and that but since its santa rosa they gone be running their mouths how mencho is gone appear out of nowhere and beat them with one finger LOL delusional indi0s huar@chudos


  33. Damm talk bout a drive by. Eme will put all these lames in check. Plus them guys looked unarmed dirty(dirty hands means clean money) hard working people. Is kind of sad to hope those killed were not innocent people.


  34. Eme is a fucking joke. Don’t even try that shit. Eme is too busy calling each other butterflies because they think it’s a code. Lol. And we’ve all seen that movie American Me. Puro pinche fudge packers. – Sol Prendido

  35. La eme has no control anymore quit watching American Me

  36. This guys are no joke they obviously have military training thats why cjng hitman are being wiped out cause they nothing but fat michoacanos with huge mouths who are giving guns and drugs and sent to be slaughter in Guanajuato


  37. I thought Guanajuato didn’t have killers? Looks to me that they can hold their on. Stupid cartel name if you ask me. Just name Guanajuato cartel.


  38. good riddance the cjng are a bunch of losers, no body likes the cjng d bags. sometimes cjng will even do their gay pride parades through our city, they claim that they dont extort locals but its all lies, there were many tiendas in our neighborhood that closed down because of them good riddance cjng


  39. Doubt them guys were cartel related they got caught sleepin doe if u active u gots to be on your tips and toes. Marro getting the upper hand ? Hard to tell?


  40. Mexico . . . land of mirrors. Wonder who was in the tire shop really . . . and who was shouting Marro’, Marro’ . Turn it around and it points to CJNG shooting it up!


  41. These guys are wearing go pros like the cops here in USA . WTF. WOOOOOOOOW


  42. When’s the sequel…popcorn’s ready

    Canadian girl


  43. Too much cjng haters lol
    You guys see that drive by shooting? That was weak if you ask me..
    They didn’t get no sicarios just bystanders probably getting a oil job.
    Sicarios from marro getting desperate and wanted to show marro they had a kill or two so they won’t be replaced lol
    No wonder marro is asking viagras for help!! smh..