Why is Mr. Mifsud mentioned in the Mueller report 87 times?
Former FBI Director James B. Comey, with access to counterintelligence files, said flatly that Mr. Mifsud was a Russian “agent.”

Inasmuch as most people have not read the Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, more commonly known as the Mueller Report, we are attaching several of the relevant pages, so that our readers may understand Joseph Mifsud’s importance in the efforts of Russia to work with the Trump Campaign, and to produce information intended to interfere in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Bear in mind that the publicly-released edition of the report is only the unclassified version. There were numerous redactions, all of which were made for specific purposes, and which were identified by type, so the public would understand why there were so many blacker-out paragraphs, names and dates. Each redacted section is labeled with one of these categories:

(1) Revealing information would harm an ongoing matter. Think pending criminal investigations of other targets. At the time the report was drafted, we know that there was at least one ongoing investigation of Maltese nationals, and their interaction with American nationals and residents.

(2) Disclosing certain information would reveal investigative techniques. Think Sources and Methods.

(3) The information would reveal private information of third-party individuals. Think innocent third parties not involved in any criminal activities, or activities deemed to violate US laws.

(4) The information was obtained from Grand Jury testimony. Such testimony is secret by law.

Joseph Mifsud: Missing Maltese professor in Trump Russia investigation -  Business Insider

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Gone but not Forgotten by COSIMO
Remember that there may be indirect connections that implicate individuals in massive criminal conspiracies, although they may only be in contact with one individual, and even if their involvement might be extremely limited, the law imputes liability to them for the entire criminal enterprise that they contributed to. Given the extensive redactions, we have no further information available regarding which additional individuals from Malta participated in Muscat’s operation, the goal of which was to assist the campaign through Russian assistance, including the delivery of evidence damaging to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Targets of other criminal investigations are redacted.

One source has calculated that 7.25% of the material is redacted. Our point is that, given we know that there is a newly-opened criminal investigation into Malta targets, involving Joseph Muscat and certain of his associates, the former Prime Minister may have been named in the classified version of the Report.

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