“Many other cases will follow after the 1st one.” State Duma says it’s game-changer for criminal world

ABOVE – Nikolai Kuzmichev (aka: Kolya Tomsky)
BELOW – Nikolai Kuzmichev (aka: Kolya Tomsky) being arrested




‘Thief in law’ Kolya Tomsky became the first one to be prosecuted under the new article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Member of the State Duma’s Committee on Safety and Anti-Corruption Adalbi Shkhagoshev has commented upon the first arrest of a criminal ‘authority’ under the Criminal Code’s article 210.1 (Leadership in an organized criminal group).

The deputy says it means that the law that had recently been adopted “is already working.” Shkhagoshev is convinced that despite the fact that operatives have to act cautiously to prove a person is a leader of an organized criminal group, there will be more arrests.

“Many other cases will follow after the 1st one. This is not only going to be a game-changer for law-enforcers, but for the criminal world, as well,” he concluded in his interview with RT.

The day before, The CrimeRussia told that law-enforcers had carried out an operation of detention of a ‘thief in law’ Nikolay Kuzmichev known in the criminal world as Kolya Tomsky. He was arrested by court on accusation of leadership in an organized criminal group. He will face 15 years behind bars.

Kolya Tomsky was ‘crowned’ in 2013. 2 years ago, he was spotted at a ‘convention’ in the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary where he had arrived with a faked passport. Then, he and ‘thieves in law’ Gela Kardava (aka Gela Galsky) and Gayoz Zviadadze (aka Giya Kutaissky), an ‘authoritative’ businessman Ruben Tatulyan (aka Robson) and a few of their sidekicks were detained by police.

On April 1, the President Vladimir Putin signed legislation – that had earlier been approved by the State Duma at his own suggestion – regarding criminal prosecution of ‘thieves in law’.