Ex-head of Klin district detained for real estate hustleAleksandr Postrigan




Aleksandr Postrigan’ headed the municipality for 17 years.

Investigators have detained the former head of the Klin district administration on suspicion of exceeding official authority. The law enforcers believe that the former official is involved in fraud with real estate, Kommersant reports.

In particular, according to the publication, the official commissioned a house for settlers from a dilapidated housing, which is now recognized as an emergency housing. It will cost 30 million rubles ($478,410) to build a new house for the victims.

It is known that the house was constructed by the TST stolitsa LLC in the period from 2011 to 2013.

The investigation believes that Postrigan’ knew for sure that the work had not been performed in the proper manner, but nevertheless signed its commissioning.

The investigation had also conducted searches, following which Postrigan’ was detained. Now the law enforcers are going to petition for his arrest before the court.