Former head of Russian Border Services Agency arrested in case of theft of $ 760,000

Dmitry Bezdelov


Earlier, the ex-official was convicted of embezzling $ 7,8 million.

The former head of Russian Border Services Agency (Rosgranitsa), Dmitry Bezdelov, convicted of embezzling 500 million rubles ($ 7,8 million), will appear before the court again, this time in the case of embezzling 49 million rubles ($ 760,000) while building state border facilities in Kyakhta and Vyborg. Bezdelov pleads innocent, TASS reports, referring to his lawyer Boris Kozhemyakin.

On May 28, Moscow’s Tverskoy Court took Bezdelov into custody until July 28. In December 2017, Moscow’s Meshchansky Court sentenced the official to nine years in a penal colony for embezzling in construction of checkpoints on the Russian border. The former head of Rosgranitsa was detained in Italy in the fall of 2014, and two years later he was extradited to Russia.