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ABOVE + BELOW – Sir Sean Connery + Micheline Roquebrune


Sir Sean Connery carried chivalry too far by delaying his testimony in a tax-fraud case involving a mansion he owned in Spain, allegedly to hide his wife’s involvement in the case, Spanish authorities said Thursday.

The 85-year-old actor, the original movie James Bond, has been cleared in the case, but now his wife, Micheline Roquebrune, 86, is on the hook, Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper said.

She was charged Thursday with aiding and abetting the alleged fraud, which has been dubbed “Goldfinger.’’

She faces 2¹/₂ years in a Spanish slammer and a $24 million fine if convicted.

The investigating magistrate, Alfredo Mondeja, described as “incomprehensible’’ the delaying tactics allegedly used by Connery, who was knighted in July 2000 by Queen Elizabeth.

Mondeja also told the Mail, “Perhaps it would lead one to think that [Connery’s] idea was to protect or hide the acts or participation of the actor’s wife.’’

Roquebrune has denied the allegations, the Mail said. She is charged in connection with the plot to defraud Spain out of more than $8 million.