Alleged cartel leader captured, charged with murder in Nuevo Laredo

Pablo Cesar Guajardo Alvarez, aka: El Takia


Pablo Cesar Guajardo Alvarez, also known as “El Takia,” the head of sicarios for the Northeast Cartel (Cartel del Noreste, CDN), was reportedly killed in a shootout with security forces in Pachuca, Hidalgo.
Authorities reported that the event took place on Thursday afternoon in the streets of Real de Medinas neighborhood after El Takia resisted a “routine” traffic stop. The police said that El Takia grew his pistol at them when they were searching his vehicle and was shot dead.
La Prensa reported that the Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office confirmed El Takia’s identity based on his belongings, which included an identification card. There has been no official confirmation yet but several outlets have been reporting the news since the start of the weekend.
Sources say that Hidalgo authorities ordered police officers to safeguard the local morgue where his body was. They feared that CDN gunmen would try to rescue him and potentially try to hunt down the officer(s) who killed him.
The CDN is a spin-off group of the old Zetas cartel and is based in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. El Takia was a high-ranking operator of the CDN and the head of “La Tropa del Infierno” (The Troops of Hell), the armed wing of the cartel.
Despite his young age, El Takia had a high-ranking position within the CDN. In 2016, while still a minor, he ordered an armed commando to rescue him from a juvenile facility in Güemes, Tamaulipas, along with other juvenile offenders.
It was reported that El Takia was the nephew of a former CDN leader who was executed in a Ciudad Victoria prison, and that in July 2017 several members of his family were kidnapped by a rival group and executed in Nuevo Laredo.
El Takia was also allegedly responsible for the November 2014 murder of General Ricardo César Niño Villareal, who was head of Public Security in the northern delegation of Tamaulipas. He was also believed to have been involved in the murder of five (5) employees from the Attorney General’s Office in January 2017 in Nuevo Laredo.
Arrested in February 2020, El Takia was able to obtain his freedom, but the reasons behind his release have not been revealed. It is likely that a judge dropped his charges after they deemed the charges insufficient and/or released him on violations of due process.