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ABOVE + BELOW – Bar Refaeli

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Supermodel Bar Refaeli had been accused by the Tax Authority of allegedly falsely claiming she spent time outside the country for years,  avoiding paying taxes, Channel 12 news reported on Sunday.

Refaeli will face court proceedings within days, Walla reported.

The model also allegedly failed to report a luxury SUV she got as a gift as part of her work.

Investigators claim Refaeli was delinquent in reporting “celebrity perks” that she received, the value of which exceeded tens of thousands of shekels.

The model was also questioned about the circumstances of services rendered to her by a designer at a steep discount. Tax authorities suspect that Refaeli paid the designer – who was also questioned – NIS 40,000 for work that is believed to be valued at NIS 100,000.

The designer acknowledged that he did, in fact, give Refaeli a significant discount in exchange for which she would offer public relations services on his behalf.

Officials say that Refaeli did not report receiving the SUV, and that in lieu of payment, she made promotional appearances and did public relations work on behalf of the car manufacturer from whom she accepted the vehicle.