ABOVE – David Bozhadze (aka: Roko Tbilissky)
BELOW –  Shalva Huchua (aka: Roko Samtredsky)




The first immediately flew to Kiev, the second did not answer the question of whether he is a thief in law.

Yesterday, Chelyabinsk detention center No. 3 released former thief in law David Bozhadze (Roko Tbilissky). In 2012, he was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison for drug possession and theft.

To recap, Tbilisi-born David Bozhadze, 37, was ‘crowned’ in Italy in January 2011 by his titled countrymen: Rezo Lortkipanidze, Robinzon Arabuli, brothers Paata and Sulkhan Tvalchrelidze, Akakiy Landiya, Aleko Pavliashvili, and others. However, he did not have time to fully enjoy his status – in the same year he was detained in the west of Moscow with a large dose of heroin and documents in another person’s name.

After checking his prints in the base, law enforcement officers established that Bozhadze was complicit in a series of burglaries committed in the metropolitan district of Perovo. Roko was convoyed to Khabarovsk Kray for serving the punishment, however, the crime boss served the last three years of his term in a Verkhneuralsk prison, where he was placed for systematic violation of the detention regime.

In 2015, he faced another misfortune – after an audit of the common fund arranged by the direction of Shakro Molodoy, who had returned from Spain, it turned out that Roko had spent the funds collected in the Ryazan region by his mafia enforcer on his personal needs. As a result, in a short time he managed to spend several million rubles, which he was obliged to return to the treasury. As a punishment, he was deprived of his status, so he was serving the rest of the term on a par with other convicts.

According to the practice which has been established recently, before leaving the detention center, Bozhadze was informed about the undesirability of his stay in the country with a life ban on entry. On the day of his release, police officers escorted him to Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport, from which he flew to Kiev through Astana (now Nur-Sultan).

It is interesting that at the same time Moscow saw security forces detaining another Roko – Samtredsky – hereditary thief in law Shalva Huchua, on Marshala Zhukova Avenue. A personal search turned up a bag with spice, weighing 0.8 grams, which is a large amount and makes him face from 3 to 10 years in prison.

Shalva Huchua is the son of influential Samtredian crime boss Nikoloz Huchua (Bichiko Cherny), who died 20 years ago. Huchua Jr. was ‘crowned’ two years after his father’s death by another ‘thievish’ ‘patriarch’ from Samtredia, late Azo Gogotishvili, and alive Sachino Gegechkori.

For his 36 years, Roko Samtredsky has never been tried. In 2008, he was prosecuted for theft in a supermarket, however, the case did not reach court then. Now, instead of the remand prison, according to the decision of Khoroshevsky court, he got off with house arrest.

Despite his so-far impeccable reputation, when asked by an operative whether he is a thief in law, Huchua said that he would not answer such questions.

“It is not that I do not want to, I just will not,” he said.