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Venture Capital, Asset Managment, Corporate Finance, Trading, Loans, Project Finance, Funding, Entrepreneurship, Private Placements, Investment Banking, Commodity, Investments, Private Equity, Due Diligence, Alternative Investments, Financial Advisory, Wealth Management, Structured Finance, Financial Structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bonds, Equities, Financial Markets, Capital Markets, Emerging Markets, Valuation, Joint Ventures, Portfolio Management, Strategic Financial…, International Business, Asset Management, Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Trade Finance, Investor Relations, Hedge Funds, Restructuring, Investment Management, Investment Advisory, Banking, Structured Products, Securities

Cambridge University   2001 – 2003
Master of Business Administration (MBA), International Finance

Wesley Boys Degree Collage   1997 – 2001
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

St Johns Church High School   
Wessely Boys Degree Collage, Commerce

Darwin Platform Group Limited   April 2010 – Present  <<<<=============
Grovel Heights Avenue and Infratech Pvt Ltd   March 2010 – Present 
Archway International   January 1998 – Present

Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh

Chairman & Managing Director


 Belford university

Mumbai Area, India


Company Number
Incorporation Date
8 April 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Company Type
Company limited by Shares
Registered Address
  • India
Industry Codes
  • 74999: (India National Industrial Classification 2004 (MCA 2009))
Directors / Officers




Ajay Harinath Singh, the alleged fraudulent investor who is on the run after duping innocent residents of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh for over 100 crore (1 crore = USD $160k), used the power of social media and internet for duping residents. Ajay had made an elaborate Wikipedia profile wherein he projected himself to be a kitchen cabinet man of powerful politicians of both Congress and BJP. He also posted pictures on social networking website where he was seen touching the feet of a senior SAD politician. He developed various links of Darwain Platform Group of Companies and made it appear as a dependable brand. Beside, Ajay had floated an insurance company that has been blacklisted by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). According to the police, Ajay developed multiple website of his companies to win the confidence of people who were sceptical about investing in his business. Police sources said that after Ajay Harinath Singh fled from Uttarakhand, the local Dalit leader from the ruling SAD government gave him shelter and introduced him as a successful businessman to senior SAD leader. Besides, the Dalit leader arranged Ajay’s meeting with the industrialists of the city. Inderjit Singh alias Navy, a city resident whose mobile number figured on the pamphlets of Darwain Platform Group of Companies, has denied having any links with Ajay. While speaking to The Tribune Inderjit Singh admitted that he was introduced to Ajay during a function and the latter had told him about the investment opportunities in his company. “The hefty return and profit sharing in business made me sceptical and I decided not to invest in his company. I was shocked to learn that my number and email address was given on the pamphlets. I have nothing to to with Ajay and his Darwin group. Once I will return to the city I will lodge a formal complaint with the police,” said Inderjit Singh. The Uttarakhand police had on Monday raided various places, including a five star hotel, to arrest Ajay Harinath Singh of the Darwin Platform Group, who was booked on the complaint of Girish Yadav, a businessman from Rudrapur. Ajay’s political outfit in the name of “All-India National Democratic Congress Party” also turned out to be bogus.




The Uttarakhand police today raided the office of Darwin Platform Group to arrest its owner Ajay Harinath Singh in a fraud case. He duped several residents of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand on the pretext of offering high interest rate and loan facility from his company Darwin Platform Life Insurance and Finance Company Limited. The police also questioned the reception staff of a five-star hotel and raided his friend’s house in Haibowal. Investigating officer Shiaz Farooqui said the case was registered on the complaint of Girish Yadav, a businessman from Rudrapur. According to the police, Ajay had floated several bogus companies and claimed to be venturing into mining, shipping and media as well. He claimed himself to be close to both the BJP and the Congress leaders in the Centre. He had even formed his own political party in the name of “All-India National Democratic Congress Party”. However, the election commission has denied the existence of any such political party. Farooqui said the police got information that Ajay and his accomplice Dimple were operating from a shopping complex at Pakhowal road. He had taken a room at a five-star hotel for unlimited period. The police were informed that Ajay was luring locals businessmen and offering them easy loan if they took his single premium insurance of Rs 10 lakh. However, after businessmen paid the insurance amount, he refused to offer them loan on one pretext or the other. The government had blacklisted his insurance company and cautioned people not to invest in his bogus company, said the investigating officer.



Ajay Harinath Singh. A Brand Ambassador of the Upcoming Singh family house in Sultanpur Uttar Pardesh India. The Singh family , also known as the Rajkumar Thakur’s, is a family descending from Mr. Jubraj Singh, a Court Thakur to the Land ’s Thakur’s of North, in the Free city of Sultanpur, who began his Land banking business in the 1930s. Unlike most previous court Thakur, Singh’s managed to bequeath the wealth he acquired, and established an national Land banking Dyansty through his Two sons, that came even to surpass the most powerful families of the era such as the Zamindaar Singh and the Ram Sumer singh.

Two lines of the indian Thakur Branch of the Family have been elevated to India’s Financial Hub Bombay ( Mumbai), being given Two hereditary titles of Prince of the Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh)Empire by Zamindaar Singh in 1956.

During the 19th century, when business was at its height, the Singh’s family is believed to have possessed by far the largest private fortune in the India as well as by far the largest Royal family Funds in modern world history. The family’s wealth is believed to have subsequently declined, as it was divided amongst the descendants.Today, Singh’s Empire are on a far smaller scale than they were throughout the end of the19th century, although they encompass a diverse range of fields, including finance, mining, energy, mixed farming, wine, mass media, news, airlines, logistics , pharmaceuticals, shipping, realty, Infrastructure, Information Technology, sports, Banking, Education and charities.

Ajay Singh is the President of the Singh & Sons Holdings PLC and the Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group Of Companies and political party president of All India National Democratic Congress Party . Singh served as a Managing worker in the ALL INDIA NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS PARTY and represents SULATNPUR as its PLACE OF BIRTH FOR THE PARTY. He is the first-ranked member of the party.

Singh comes from the politically influential family and is also known to be the closest allies off the Gandhi’s from Amethi. His late grand father, Zamindaar singh, had served to the Ex- Prime Minister of India.Singh grew up in Mumbai & New Delhi, with his grandmother next to 24 akbar where Indira Gandhi, was serving as Prime Minister until her assassination in 1984. Due to security concerns, Singh constantly had to shift schools in his youth. He studied abroad under a struck security, his identity being known only to a selected few including university officials and security agencies.

After obtaining Masters Degree, Singh worked at the Kraftos, a Sales firm in London, before establishing the Mumbai–based sales marketing outsourcing firm, Cobra Plc. Described as one off the youth icon’s in 2010 and 2011 after Darwin platform group of companies was Launched by Singh’s.

Early life and career

Ajay singh was born in Mumbai on 06 November 1980, as the first Hire to the thorne of the Singh’s, who later became the Chairman Of Darwin Platform Group Of Companies, in Eleven Countries.

Ajay Singh attended Scared heart High school in mumbai from 1983–96. Ajay singh joined K M Doongursee college in dadar in 1997 for his undergraduate education but moved to London for further studies he completed his graduation and Masters from London in 1998 to 2005. After graduation, Ajay Singh worked at the Kraftos London , Cobra plc, Aviva Life Insurance , Metife Insurance & Bharti Axa Life Insurance in Mumbai . In 2010 he was the Chairman & Manging Director of Darwin Platform Group of Companies holding 96% of the stake of the group by himself in Eleven countries.
Family overview

The first entrepreneur member of the family who was known to use the name “Singh’s” was Harinath Zamindaar Singh, born in 1956. The Person by character means “White Lion with a Eagle eye”. The family’s national prominence began in 1980, with the birth of Master Ajay Harinath Singh in Mumbai, India. A money Changer who had mastered the trade of Finance. Ajay developed a finance house and spread his empire by installing each of his blood brothers and their sons in the main European financial centres to conduct business. The Singh’s coat of arms contains a Two lions holding a sword with a eagle watching from the heads with a four colour stability with a rising tree with a sudarshan chakra and a trishul with Ohm marked on the sword symbolizing the dynasties established by the sons of Zamindaar Jabraj Singh, in a reference to his Grand Father ” The family motto appears below the : (simple, stable, secured).

The Indian family name “Singh’s” is pronounced approximately Singh in Hindi, not sing as it is in English. The surname “singh’s” is common in India, and the vast majority of the bearers of the name are unrelated to this family. Moreover, the Indian surnames “Singh” and “sing” are not related to the surname “Singh” from the Punjab India.
Darwin’s Families by country:

File:Darwin logo.png

Darwin Platform Group of Companies, India Darwin Platform Group of Companies London, Darwin Platform Group of Companies Netherlands, Darwin Platform Group of Companies Italy, Darwin Platform Group of Companies Spain, Darwin Platform Group of Companies Russia, Darwin Platform Group of Companies Germany, Darwin Platform Group of Companies Hong kong, Darwin Platform Group of Companies USA, Darwin Platform Group of Companies Dubai and Darwin Platform Group of Companies China

Modern business
The family has fully restored Darwin House, Mumbai, India Since the late-19th century, the family has taken a low-key public profile, donating many famous estates, as well as vast quantities of art, to charity, and generally eschewing conspicuous displays of wealth. Today, Singh’s businesses are on a smaller scale than they were throughout the 19th century, although they encompass a diverse range of fields, including: finance, mining, energy, mixed farming, wine, mass media, news, airlines, logistics , pharmaceuticals, shipping, realty, Infrastructure, Information Technology, Sports,Banking, Education and charities.

The Singh’s Group

Since 2009, a group of Darwin Platform Group Of Companies have been controlled by Singh & Sons Holdings PLC, a Indian-registered holding company (under the chairmanship of Ajay Harinath Singh). Singh & Sons Holdings Plc is in turn controlled by Ajay Singh. Darwin platform Group Of companies is ultimately a business House run in Eleven countries, while Singh & Sons Holdings PLC controls a number of shares in Rothschild banks elsewhere, including N M Rothschild & Sons in London & Israel. Singh & Sons Holdings PLC entered into a co-operation agreement in the fields of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory and equity capital markets advisory in the food and agribusiness sectors. It was believed that the move was intended to help Singh & Sons Holdings PLC gain access to a wider capital pool, enlarging its presence in East European markets.

Singh & Sons Holdings PLC is a financial holding company not listed on but controlled by the French and English branch of the Singh & Rothschild family. Singh & Sons Holdings PLC is the flagship of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies and controls the Rothschild Group’s banking activities including N M Rothschild & Sons. It has over 1200 employees. Directors of the company include Eric de Rothschild, Robert de Rothschild, and Ajay Harinath Singh.
Personal Wealth & Residences

Ajay singh’s wealth at approximately 3.7 million $ in bank accounts, a private 4833 sq ft apartment in Mumbai and 1900 sq ft Apartment in Delhi, and two c-200s-Mercedes cars and 430li hybrid Lexus in 2011. In 2012 Ajay singh reported an income of 3.6 million$. This has led the Tax Departments to question how Ajay Singh can afford certain possessions, such as his 10 luxury watches worth an estimated $300,000. Ajay singh’s purported 2006 income totalled 2 million$. According to the data Ajay Singh did not make it into the 100 wealthiest candidates of Indin for 2012

Relations with national & International Politics & its member nations

Ajay singh had friendly relations with current president of Russia Vladimir vladmirovich putin and many European leaders. Singh’s “cooler” and “more business-like” relationship with Germany’s current Chancellor, Angela merkel is often attributed to the Darwin’s upbringing in the former DPGC, where Ajay singh was stationed when he was a advisor to the group for.

Ajay singh has his books written on the both ends of its political party carrier with al the big parties in india. A known name in the political arena the Congress and the BJP deal on the same podium for the blue eyed boy with a smile and waving venture in his carrier. Ajay singh apart from the N M Rothschild & Sons group members he is also a good friend and in business with Ali Akbar Salehi an iranian Diplomatic Icon a Foreign Minister. Ajay’s relations at his age has no boundary and he his a good friend and shares fantastic relationship with Evelyn Robert De Rothschild & Nathaniel Philip Rothschild