Quirino – one of the toughest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. The territory of the Batanga City Jail gang. An area that even the residents of Quezon City avoid like the plague.

For the past twenty years, Gang Boss Jo-Jo has been ruling over Quirino, fiercely defending it against its enemies. In order to protect his area as much as possible, Jo-Jo has divided the no-go zone into nine sections. Each of his minions controls one of them. Together with four to six henchmen each. And every gang member is specialized. In robbery, burglary, or drug dealing. The driving force behind the gangs of Manila? Shabu – also known as crystal meth. Almost everyone in Quirino is addicted to the adrenaline-pumping drug.

The Twenty-one-year-old prostitute Maevilyn grew up in Quirino and is an addict for four years. She sells her body to anyone who can give her money or drugs. Like dealer Rodney. He is Gang Boss Jojo’s right-hand man and responsible for the gangs prospering drug business Rodney is considered to be especially ruthless and brutal.

The police in and around Quirino are corrupt so the gang doesn’t’ have too much to worry about. But there is somebody else, who is hunting down the gang bosses like Jo-Jo: Peter is the most successful bounty hunter in the Philippines. Always on the lookout for criminals that could bring in some cash.